Friday, July 31, 2015

Ontario Alleged Fake-ND Robinson Facing Alleged Fraud and Assault Charges

here, what nonsense leads to perhaps?

001.'s David Woodward writes in "Naturopath Facing Fraud and Assault Charges" (2015-07-31):

"between October 2012 and July 2015 Dennis Robinson ran the Toronto Alternative Medical Practice on Danforth - as a naturopath.  He would allegedly draw blood from patients using a diabetic needle and would tell them he would send the blood off to the Fry Clinic in Arizona.But the clinic claims they didn't receive anything from Robinson.  The 67 year old has been charged with 2 counts of fraud, and 2 counts of assault.  Police believe there could be more victims";

here he's a naturopath but apparently there's more clarity below.

002. the's  Chris Doucette writes in "Fraud Charge For 'Fictitious' Blood Tests" (2015-07-31):

"a 67-year-old man faces fraud charges for allegedly conducting 'fictitious' blood tests at an alternative medical clinic on the Danforth.  Toronto police say the accused operated Toronto Alternative Medical Practice at 2258 Danforth Ave.,  just east of Woodbine Ave., for nearly three years.  'The man produced false diplomas of qualifications in naturopathy and osteopathy to the public,'  Det. Gail Regan, of the Financial Crimes Unit, said in a statement Friday.  She alleges the accused pretended to extract blood from patients using a diabetic needle and claimed the samples were being analyzed by Fry Laboratories in Scottsdale, Arizona.  'Fry Laboratories was contacted and confirmed they have had no contact with Toronto Alternative Medical Practice,' Regan said.  She said an investigation was launched into the 'fictitious blood result records' on July 10.  And on Wednesday the operator of the clinic, Dennis Robinson, was arrested. He is charged with two counts each of fraud under $5,000 and assault.  'Police believe there may be other victims,' Regan said.  Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to call the Financial Crimes Unit at 416-808-7300 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)";

a fake faker!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

ND Wilson on Stress - News 12 Long Island

here, a link to a youtube video of ND Wilson, who, honestly, doesn't come off as all that sharp, and claims at her practice that homeopathy is a part of what is "science-based" and "effective":

001. in "Dr. Doni Wilson on News Channel 12 Long Island July 2015":

"[host] well if you can't sleep at night because of everyday stress [...] from the author of 'The Stress Remedy' [...] Dr. Doni Wilson, N.D. [...and of course we're shown supplements to buy]";

so I interpret the ND's business model as this 'I treat stress' product, I am an expert.

002. the absurdity at her practice:

on the page "Frequently Asked Questions" she tells us naturopathy is "science-based natural medicine [...yet writes of] homeopathic treatments [ an] effective use of natural medicines."

oh, not too sharp.  Why should anyone listen to someone who thinks empty pills are science-based and effective, in terms of their 'expertise'?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bastyr ND Sullivan at HuffPo: "Disease is a Disturbance of the Vital Force"

here, some of naturopathy's essential science-ejected muddle: 

001. ND Sullivan tells us, in "Enough: When Sacrifice Has Gone Too Far" (2015-07-23):

"naturopathy understands that disease is the disturbance of the vital force [...] homeopathic medicine, and nutritional therapy, my patients have found great results and increased their quality of life. Naturopaths are licensed, medical professionals who treat people not just conditions";

ah, vital force, a science-ejected concept.  Disease is not a disturbance of a vital force, scientifically speaking.  And doing homeopathy?  "Great results" from empty remedies?  And claiming medical professionalism?  Naturopathy understands VERY LITTLE.

002. at HuffPo, her bio. states:

"Dr. Andrea Sullivan received a doctorate of naturopathic medicine (ND) from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA in 1986. She also completed advanced courses in homeopathic medicine in the US, India, and Europe. She continues to study with homeopathic physicians from Mumbai (Bombay), India, and she is a diplomat with the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Sullivan has a private practice in Washington, DC.";\

I can't think of something more UNPROFESSIONAL in medical terms as homeopathy.  Licensure allows naturopathy do be false without penalty.

Australia's Channel 10 The Project's Piece on Naturopathy: "People With Fake Educations" Irony Galore!

here, HUGE irony from Australian naturopath Wardle:

001. ARONAH's channel hosts the Channel 10 "The Project" video "Naturopathy on The Project" ():

"[a female narrator states] there's good scientific evidence that some aspects of naturopathy like diet and exercise [work...]"; 

but, those f'n things are NOT inherent to naturopathy.   Do some simple homework.  They exist as stand-alone legitimate sciences.  What about the INHERENTLY naturopathic?

"[she goes on] but there's no evidence to support other natural therapies including iridology and homeopathy [...]";

I agree that those are junk.  But, iridology isn't a therapy, it's a diagnostic.  Do some simple homework.