Thursday, April 17, 2014

The False Promises of ND Amy Rothenberg, Maryland Is Licensed Version

here, I cite from and comment upon some continuing naturoPATHillogicality from HuffPo's ND in residence:

001. at the Huffington Post, ND Rothenberg writes in "Maryland Governor Signs Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors" (2014-04-17)[my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"on April 14, 2014 in Annapolis, Md., Governor Martin O'Malley signed a bill to license naturopathic doctors (NDs) [...]";

and licensed falsehood marches on!

"[these] practitioners of natural medicine [...] holistic';

which is always an interesting label to me, the "natural" that contains: the science-ejected, the supernatural and sectarian, and bogus therapies like homeopathy.

"naturopathic medicine [] an effective and cost effective form of care [...] good sense from both a public health and an economic point of view";

ah, a claim of efficacy.  But their central therapy homeopathy, their 'great therapeutic impostor', ISN'T effective because it is a placebo posed falsely as effective and therein a WASTE of money. Yeah, good sense to call that "health science" as the CT school falsely labels it.  Really good for the consumer, the public, and falsehood is really economically healthy!

"[NDs have] extensive education and training requirements  [...and a] rigorous licensing standard [...a] rigorous professional standardized licensing exam [...of] the same basic sciences as MDs and DOs [...NDs are] state-of-the-art medical care providers [...]";

what b.s., when naturopathy's blatant supernatural nonsense is claimed as science-based, and then such a context of epistemic conflation is reinforced by standardized exam.  Yeah, medieval knowledge conflation that has long been science-ejected is as "state-of-the-art" as the Tooth Fairy.

"[the author] practice[s] in Connecticut, where I enjoy the responsibilities and privileges of licensure [...]";

because the CT is a partner in naturopathy falsehood.  I saw the falsehood firsthand when I went to ND school in CT 1998-2002.  Disgusting.

"[an] emerging profession [...]";

have you ever met a profession you shouldn't trust because they are based on falsehood?  Have you eve seen a profession so falsely posture, so embedded in a reversal of values?

Fake Naturopathy Controversies: Vaccination-Antivaccination and Nonscientific-Scientific Vitalism

here, I muse on two FAKE controversies that naturopathy perpetuates, antivaccinationism and scientific vitalism:

001. the fake vaccine controversy of College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta [CNDA]:

001.a. Alissa Gaul, president of the CNDA, states in the article "Anti-Vaccine Message from Some Naturopaths Raises Concerns" (2014-04-14):

"anti-immunization [...] 'I think it's a grey issue' [...] there has been misinformation on both sides of the issue [...] people should do their due diligence and then decide, says naturopath college president [...];"

it is quite ironic to hear an ND organization speak of misinformation, and apparently a concern for informed consent.  To immunize is not a grey issue, it is hugely beneficial and exceptionally safe.  It is misinformation to state the benefit versus risk issue as a 50-50 'controversy'.  And don't get me started on due diligence and naturopathic false veneers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Terry Polevoy: Still "Skeptical on Naturopathy"

here, I cite from a recent opinion piece on naturopathy in the Ottawa Citizen by Terry Polevoy [see 001., below]:

001. MD Polevoy, "founder,", writes in "Skeptical on Naturopathy"(2014-04-15) [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[a recent] Citizen article contained not one word of skepticism about the nature of naturopathy [...]";

because, to follow the line of though regarding 'natural', it MUST be good.  Therefore, give it a free pass when it comes to a counterargument!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Naturopaths' Promotion of Dangerous Raw Milk

here, I cite from's Steven Salzberg regarding the dangers of raw milk [see 001.,below]; then, from two naturopaths promoting 'milk rawness' [see 002., below]:

001. first, Steven Salzberg at writes in "Raw Milk? A Fresh Glass Of Campylobacter And Salmonella. Yum" (2014-04-07):

"Louis Pasteur is one of the most famous scientists in history [...] in 1862, he invented the process of heating milk to kill the bacteria in it. Pasteurization, as we now call it, has saved millions of lives in the 150 years since [...]";

hear, hear.  Though I don't drink milk. The 1800s also was the time when naturopathy's central tenet, a 'vital force', took two severe blows [Wohler, thermodynamics] that basically knocked the idea out of the scientific category, and then in the 1900s the establishment of DNA as the structure of heredity finished the job [Watson & Crick].  Naturopathy doesn't know that it is an aimlessly wandering zombie corpse, in terms of its essential theories, upon the landscape of modern thought!