Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Pseudoscience "Terrible Shame" of the Cleveland Clinic

here, a doctor, the actual kind, comments on the Cleveland Clinic's typical integrative medicine junk:

001. at, pediatrician Daniel Summers reports in "Troubling Examples of ‘Pseudoscience’ at the Cleveland Clinic" (2017-01-11):

"the information the Cleveland Clinic puts out on its website and social media often has no sound basis, nor does the full range of services it offers meet the basic standard of medical practice: that treatments are consistent with the best scientific evidence [...] examples of pseudoscience can be found in the material it provides to the public and the therapies it promotes [] cupping [...and] 'energy medicine' [...] describing the manipulation of energy fields as a kind of treatment moves from evidence-based medicine into the realm of faith healing [...] knowing it promotes treatments that have no grounding in science, or that a patient could stumble upon a fearmongering article that makes baseless claims about the unspecified dangers of environmental toxins on its website, I can’t direct patients there in good faith. Considering its prominence as a renowned medical establishment, that’s a terrible shame"; 

hear, hear.  What the doctor fails to say, is 'I cannot ETHICALLY direct patients there in good faith, and actually am BARRED from doing so due to my ethical obligations'.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reactions to Mass. ND Licensure: ACSH, MMS

here, criticism of recent Massachusetts naturopath licensure from the American Council on Science and Health and the Massachusetts Medical Society:

001. writes in "Massachusetts Becomes the 20th State Where Naturopaths Can Hurt You" (2017-01-14):

"a naturopath is not a physician, should not be able to substitute for one, act like one or even play one on TV [...yet] in the last few weeks, the Massachusetts legislature passed bill 2335 'an act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy', that will give the profession of naturopaths legitimacy - one of the worst moves that they could have made for the health of the people of the 'bay state' [...] the heart of the bill designates that a board will be instituted to determine the role of naturopaths and define their abilities and limits. The five person board will be made up of two naturopaths, one physician who works with naturopaths, one pharmacologist and a member of the public - which is absolutely ridiculous. That is like a board on the regulation of cigarettes being made up two smokers, one person who sells cigarettes, one person who studies the effects of nicotine, and a random person from off the street [...]";

say OUCH.

"the bill addressed more than the board, however. It also outlines the following regarding how naturopaths practice [...] they can work to (i) prevent and treat human illness, injury or disease [...] (ii) [...] physical examinations and the ordering of clinical and laboratory procedures from licensed clinics or laboratories to evaluate injuries, illnesses and conditions in the human body (iii) dispense, administer, order and prescribe natural medicines of mineral, animal or botanical origin, including, but not limited to, food products or extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, digestive aids, natural hormones, plant substances, homeopathic preparations, natural antibiotics, topical medicines and nonprescription drugs, therapeutic devices and barrier contraceptives to prevent or treat illnesses, injuries and conditions of the human body [...]";

oh, and we see that they have no boundaries, so therefore they are not the people they say they are.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Parsing an AANMC Press Release's "Well Educated and Trained" sCAM

here, :

001. the AANMC tells us in "Massachusetts to License Naturopathic Doctors" (2017-01-12) [2017 archived]:

"the culmination of over twenty years of advocacy, on January 11, Governor Baker added Massachusetts to the list of states that acknowledge the value of alternative healthcare from a qualified professional. Massachusetts will become the 22nd U.S. jurisdiction to regulate naturopathic medicine [...]"; 

this is advocacy for an 'unethical sectarian pseudoscience.'  Now, a State of the Union will be endorsing such.  How do you regulate nonsense???  Because this is naturopathic medicine. 

"the new law ensures patients can trust that their wellness professional holds a graduate degree from an accredited naturopathic medical school [ such] AANMC’s member schools [] Bastyr University [...] The Boucher Institute [...] Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine [...] National University of Natural Medicine [...] National University of Health Sciences [...] Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences [...]  University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine [...]"; 

so, them schools and an assurance.  Now, should you "trust" nonsense?  Because, for instance, you have the categorical label "science" by NUHS upon naturopathy, which includes such pseudosciences as homeopathy.  Homeopathy is not mentioned, BTW, in this press release.  Oops. 

"Amy Rothenberg, N.D., and president of the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors (MSND), says, 'this law allows the people of Massachusetts access to well-educated and trained naturopathic doctors and their expertise in both preventative medicine and natural integrative care' [...]";

experts in stupid.  You have an ND education that claims "science" upon the patently science-ejected.

Friday, January 13, 2017

NDs Gain Mass. Licensure: Onward Marches Self-Policing Deviance

here, I quote from the conclusion of the Naturocrit Podcast's Episode 012:

001. from the script:

"Naturopathy's Unethical Code of Misconduct:

Now, for a long time, I have been watching naturopathy from near and far, obviously.
And I can summarize the behaviors that the schools inculcate, minimally and simply as:
#1. Lie.  Lie to yourself first and foremost, and then lie about naturopathy in order to get patients in the door and to grow naturopathy, and then lie to yourself that you are lying to yourself;
#2 Pretend.  Pretend that what constitutes science as an understanding of reality is arbitrary and mainly an exercise of ink to paper;
#3 Mimic.  Mimic modern medicine, science and academia but don't let your marks get too close because they may see the ruse.  When they do, pretend they don't and lie;
#4 Cling.  Overall, cling to the narrow, egotistical, outdated and irrational premises of naturopathy at all cost, like a gosling that just hatched imprinting upon the first moving entity it encounters.

Gaming the System:

And finally, let's talk about gaming the system, aka licensed falsehood.
This is actually a simple formula.
First, by way of naturopathy's unethical code of misconduct, get your schools established, get a gullible lawmaker to sponsor your naturopathy bill, and get all your commerce going.
Second, self-accredit by stocking your self-designed specialty accreditor with your own 'experts' who demand deference from general accreditors, populate your naturopathy licensure board with naturopaths who demand that only naturopaths can judge naturopaths, and ignore basic and professional commerce ethics.
Third, publish in the medical literature in places that don't really care to look deep enough to understand your unethical code of misconduct, therein polluting the medical literature with junk propaganda, places that can hold their noses shut quite firmly as they nervously look at your commercial, ethical, and epistemic transgressions.