Thursday, June 2, 2011

NMD Weiss - Uber "Cardiologist"

here, I cite from a press release concerning SUPPOSEDLY HUGELY SUCCESSFUL "cardiologist" naturopath NMD Weiss [see 001., below]:

001.'s " Interviews Nation's Only Naturopathic Cardiologist" (2011-06-02)[vsc 2011-06-02; my comments are in bold]:

"Dr. Decker Weiss [] the nation’s only naturopathic cardiologist [...he's] the first naturopathic cardiologist in the nation to complete a residency program in the Columbia Hospital System, the Arizona Heart Hospital and the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute [...]";

recently, naturopathy has begun more and more to mirror MD-land:  NDs have taken on, as Weiss does, the initials NMD [vsc 2011-06-02] and titles that MDs use as indicators of specialty expertise.

"Dr. Weiss is well qualified to address these issues [...]";

well, NMD Weiss is a graduate of SCNM 1997. Hmmmm: ND schools like SCNM claim to be "scientific" [vsc 2011-06-02] yet naturopathy is based on the science-ejected.  I'm not at all impressed with such academic nonsense -- hugely mislabeling knowledge categories -- as a prelude to being a physician in this modern era.  Maybe 300 years ago.  What's so interesting about the link that I've provided regarding SCNM's science claim is how coded the actually science-ejected-naturopathic is in that document: nowhere in that document is it admitted that science has been irrationally unlimited to the point wherein it contains the hugely science-ejected, and that naturopathy's context is actually a science-ejected context due to its requisite vitalism, supernaturalism, homeopathy etc.  So "well qualified" my ass.  It's the same old 'naturopathy false commerce labeling' and pseudoprofessionalism opacity in the clinical and educational realms.

"[he] has a remarkable 13-year record of successfully treating thousands of patients with naturopathy [...] in 13 years of practice treating thousands of patients, he has had only five patients who died of heart attack [...and] every one of his patients with congestive heart failure improved [...] his approach has a proven track record [...]";

anecdote, anecdote, anecdote.  There are many reasons -- besides the fact that his therapies are effective -- to account for this 'success': self-selection is one of them [e.g., if you have a serious heart condition, would you be CRAZY enough to be ONLY treated by a naturopath and would that naturopath be crazy enough to be the sole PCP for a serious heart condition?].  Ah, "proven"...but he has published no studies himself, that I know of and that have 'rocked the cardiology world', that compare typical treatment to his 'other' REMARKABLE treatment.  Weird.

"heart disease is the number one cause of death for adult Americans [...] the cause of heart disease [is] inflammation [...]";

I don't think that SOLE CAUSE is actually true.  There are many causes and type of disorders that are 'heart disease'.  I'd think that heavy antiinflammatory therapies would, even with other problems such might cause, have already been noticed as DRASTICALLY reducing heart disease if this were true: e.g., there are a heck of a lot of people with inflammatory disorders who haven't been noticed to have huge heart disease benefits / prophylaxis secondary to their decades-long antiinflammatory pharmaceutical regime.

"natural medicine [...aka] naturopathy uses a different approach than conventional medicine to get the basic cause of heart disease under control [...e.g.] plant-based medicines that have been used safely for 1,000 years [...and] anti-inflammatory supplements [...]";

having claimed an ability to fix the FAKE sole specific cause with specific 'natural' implausible methods..."different" is an understatement.
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