Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Naturocrit Podcast - Episode 003a Mp3 Link

this episode 003a details the quite false 1998 claim [racket!] of the AANP Alliance consortia that naturopathy is 'science-based and not a belief system' by way of members' web pages which are forever stored at

[By the way, I thank everyone who rated and sent feedback my way regarding the first two episodes.  Very encouraging!  All episodes have been recorded on studio-quality equipment, but there was a lot of 'reflection' in the small room where I record, which I have eliminated.  Fortunately or unfortunately, that 'small room sound' will have to be part of the ambiance of my podcast.  Also, I've decided to use the standard RIAA EQ curve when I process the raw recording, which has a soft bass tone and significantly reduces esseyness].
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