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The Late Greenspan, D. (ND NCNM 1990), and Naturopathy's Similar Double Life

here, I cite from reporting concerning the alleged / apparent illegal-drug-dealing-related violent homicide of Oregon ND Greenspan [see 001., below]; then, I cite from his current web pages [see 002., below]; and, then I show how those web pages don't accurately / transparently represent naturopathy by comparing his alma mater NCNM's naturopathy description to that of the ND's clinic web pages [see 003., below]; and then, I connect [see 004., below]:

001. according to

001.a. The Oregonian's "Washington County Police Arrest Man in SE Portland Naturopathic Doctor's Death" (2010-03-19)[vsc 2012-03-29] states:

"[as reported by Helen Jung] police have arrested a man in the killing of a naturopathic doctor who was discovered dead last Sunday and initially believed to be a suicide. Detectives now think the shooting of David Greenspan, 46, of Southeast Portland was drug-related [...] Greenspan operated the Greenspan GoodHealth Clinic [GGHC] in Tigard. A 1986 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, he received his naturopathic degree from the National College of Natural Medicine [NCNM] in Portland in 1990, according to a release from the college [...] he was a past president of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians [...and] served as a board member for the college [NCNM]."

001.b. KPTV reports in "Deputies Rule Doctor's Death Homicide" (2010-03-19):

"investigators initially thought the 46-year-old took his own life, but later determined he'd been killed after leaving to make a drug deal."

001.c. states in "Police: Man Killed Naturopathic Doc in Drug Deal" (2010-03-19):

"deputies called what they found 'a troubling picture involving [presumably illegal recreational] drug use and drug sales [of such].'"

001.d. states in "Naturopathic Doctor Killed in Drug Deal Led a Double Life" (2010-03-20):

"a Portland area naturopathic doctor was murdered over a drug deal, his death then was made to look like a suicide, detectives said Friday."

Note: his web page biography in 2005 stated "he has also served as President of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is currently Vice-President of the Board of Directors at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine." I emphasize this because what I'd like to point out is that things [people, institutions!] aren't always what they seem: I think the community is surprised that a 'doctor' was apparently / allegedly a drug-dealer. Similarly, Greenspan's web pages [see 002., below] do not accurately / transparently portray naturopathy just like his alma mater does too [see 003., below]. In other words, Greenspan's descriptions of / labels upon 'the essentially naturopathic' are incomplete and false just like his alma mater's, where he was TAUGHT.

002. Greenspan's web pages [aka GGHC; while they still are up (I've archived them too); he practiced with Mages, N. (ND NCNM 2001) most recently]:

002.a. the homepage states [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"Natural Medicine For Women and Their Families in Portland, Oregon."

Note: his practice was mainly marketed to women.

002.b. the "About Us" pages states [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"Dr. Greenspan grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and attended Penn State University, where he received a bachelor of sciences degree with honors in molecular and cell biology, in 1986. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1990."

Note: so, he is an NCNM 1990 ND with a bachelors in biology.

002.c. the "A Message From Dr. Greenspan" page states [in language that has roughly been going on since 2003] [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"I found a new set of scientific principles in naturopathic medicine [...] we appreciate the scientific basis in medicine, and we revere the wisdom and natural laws inherent in nature."

Note: so, the label Greenspan placed upon the principles of naturopathy is "scientific." I wonder where that came from? [see 003., below].

002.d. the "Frequently Asked Questions" page states [in language that has roughly been going on since 2003] [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"medical doctors generally operate from a perspective [...that] can produce a relief of symptoms in the short term [but] it does not really work to understand or correct the underlying cause of the problem[*]. Naturopathic physicians operate from a perspective that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself [coded vitalism...] this inherent healing ability [coded vitalism...] the body's inherent self-correcting systems [coded vitalism...] this ability of the body [coded vitalism...] 'naturopathic care is not scientific' - that's what they [MDs] say. However, naturopathic medicine and its various methods are scientifically studied and proven in all types of medical research facilities and journals. There are many other aspects of naturopathic care that are better defined and studied using other scientific approaches than the typical one seen in our medical system [loosening of the rigors of science!]. Many of these perspectives are challenging to the average medical doctor [ah, those measly MDs]."

Note: so, there is the HUGE coding of the essential premise of naturopathy, and a claim of science placed upon the naturopathic per "studied and proven". 

*Of course, if you pose a solution to a problem...and you've invented the problem in the first place [like your vital force needs our treatment]...and the problem is essentially FAKE...I think such is termed RACKETEERING [because there isn't such a vital force].  So, saying 'only us NDs can truly solve your problems, regular medicine just puts a band-aid over it' smacks of that to me.

002.e. the "Digestive Health" page states [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"our physical bodies are ultimately composed of the food that we consume. Today, American's are part of a massive, uncontrolled food science experiment [...] at GGHC we understand the science behind these facts and have expertise in identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms."

Note: so, we have a science expertise claim.

002.f. the "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain" page states [vsc 2010-03-20]:

"naturopathic medicine offers a unique perspective on fibromyalgia and chronic pain. This is because the scientific principles incorporate a study of the function in the body’s tissues and organs."

Note: so, here we are told that the principles of naturopathy are scientific.

002.g. what you don't find, via a search:

mention on any GGHC page of "life force", "medicatrix", "healing power", "spirit" -- concepts which are essential to mention in order to actually be talking about 'the naturopathic'. This is on the pages of a former OAND president and NCNM board member!

Note: fascinating, things aren't always what they SEEM / are presented as.

003. what NCNM reveals about naturopathy, as compared to ND Greenspan's language:
the central NCNM web page that explains / labels naturopathy contextually is "Principles of Healing" [vsc 2010-03-21]. Both NDs at GGHC's pages were NCNM graduates, and those NDs practiced in Oregon under OBNM. NCNM is in Oregon. At NCNM's page we are informed that:

003.a. naturopathy is scientific and professional:
"the practice of naturopathic medicine emerges from six principles of healing [...which are] the distinguishing marks of the profession [...] These principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease and are examined continually in light of scientific analysis."

Note: so, there is this overall impression / 'broad marketing claim' that naturopathy's claims are "objective", and survive scientific scrutiny.

003.b. naturopathy is based upon vitalism:

"[in principle #1] the healing power of nature, vis medicatrix naturae [...] the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health [...which] is ordered and intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force [...] the process of healing includes the generation of symptoms, which are, in fact, expressions of the life force attempting to heal itself [...naturopathy is] the practice of promoting health through stimulation of the vital force."

Note: so, after claiming naturopathy is "science" we're told that the "life force" is "in fact." Yet, vitalism has been science-ejected for several decades, minimally. Remember, none of this medicatrix / vital life force language was up at GGHC in explicit language.  It was up in what I call coded language: it's up at NCNM whereas it wasn't at GGHC, but both falsely label nonscience as scientific.

003.c. naturopathy is based upon supernaturalism / spiritism:

"causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual [...] health and disease are conditions of the whole organism, involving a complex interaction of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors [...] the physician must also make a commitment to her/his personal and spiritual development [...] homeopathic medicine [...] works on a subtle, yet powerful, energetic level, gently acting to promote healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels."

Note: spirit, spirit, spirit. Remember, we were told by GGHC that this was natural, natural, natural.  But, here is supernaturalism posed as within science. Yet, supernaturalism has been ejected from science for a few hundred years.  In claiming science subset nonscience and supernatural...we're really afar from what is TRUE.

003.d. naturopathy is professional:

"[our] principles stand as the distinguishing marks of the profession [...] as a distinct American health care profession, naturopathic medicine [...] they called their profession 'naturopathy' [...] NCNM has been at the center of the profession [...] the profession has experienced a resurgence [...] National College of Natural Medicine alumni have also founded professional associations to promote and expand naturopathic medicine. This is an exciting time to join the profession."

Note: profession, profession, profession. I can't name another profession which is so wrongheaded while claiming 'highest ethical standards'.

004. naturopathy leads a double life [there's what it seems to be / appears itself to be...and there's what's really going on; just like a 'doctor' who is also a drug-dealer, allegedly!]:

it presents itself as scientific, but it is essentially science-ejected;

it presents itself as objective fact, when it is in fact a subjective belief system;

it claims professionalism but it can't occupy that level of fiduciary duty if it cannot transparently communicate its essential context as a science-ejected sectarian healing system.

Note: so, am I surprised that a member of a sectarian healing cult which HUGELY, falsely and incompletely postures itself to the community [both clinically and education-wise] was allegedly doing something similar / as doubly?


one might even entertain the idea that NCNM's example TAUGHT that kind of behavior.

NDs are taught [and I think it's a crafty form of abuse, actually] that the scientific and the science-ejected are the same thing, and they are taught not to be transparent / up-front about the whole thing.

THAT is cultic, and manipulative.

now, what's also very appalling is that this naturopathic duplicity mode has been written into Oregon law! [vsc 2010-03-20]

so, I can't say it is illegal in Oregon.

Update 2012-03-29 [I mildly edited the text above, too]:

the Oregonian tells us in "Murder trial set to begin in 2010 death of Tigard physician, shot outside Cornelius" (2012-03-29) [vsc 2012-03-29]:

"[as reported by Emily E. Smith] trial is scheduled to begin next week for the man [Bement] accused of aggravated murder in the shooting death of David Greenspan, a naturopathic physician [...] prosecutors will argue that Bement shot Greenspan three times to rob him of $25,000 in cash and eliminate a debt he owed the doctor [...]  prosecutors said the two men has a business relationship in which Bement arranged drug deals and Greenspan supplied the cash [...] Greenspan died with methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs in his system, according to an autopsy report. His drug use and statements he made in the months before his death show he had become 'increasingly paranoid and psychotic,' defense attorneys say."

Update 2012-05-17:

it has been reported that the murderer of ND Greenspan has gotten life without parole for the crime (here).  And I do wonder, as I have since about the year 2001...

how long will naturopathy overall as a crime against reason, science, medicine and fairness continue without correction?
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