Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's begin our naturopathy criticism:

This blog page is dedicated to investigating and exposing Naturopathic Medicine for the intellectual fraud that it truly is.

As whim dictates, I shall scribble.

To quote Rose Shapiro from the Guardian article "A Bad Week For Alternative Medicine, "

"could this be the moment when alternative medicine finally gets the reputation it deserves and is seen for what it is -- a massive social and intellectual fraud?"

My basic analytical formula is as follows:

naturopathy claims to be scientific;

naturopathy is based upon vitalism;

naturopathy is based upon supernatural spiritism;

both vitalism and supernatural spiritism are profoundly science-ejected [I will not
cite the scientific pronouncements of such, as they are PROFOUND,
and such is simply FACTUAL].

So, in the end, naturopathy is about BULLSHIT:

claiming that that which is PROFOUNDLY science-ejected / non-science-supported is in fact [falsely] scientific.

I have termed this "epistemic conflation," the blending of knowledge types:

the claim that that which is not scientific is simultaneously scientific.

If you bear with me, I shall perpetually expose this CRAPPOLA.

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