Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Naturopathic Medicine: A "Career Choice" Obligated to A Belief System Centered Upon Vitalism (Snider; TLDP, 1992 & 2005):

here are two citations from a CAM journal [TLDP] regarding naturopathy's essential vitalism belief [a science-ejected concept, see 02. below], as expressed in articles that include [see 01.a. below] or are center around [see 01.b. below] a key architect of the current AANP iteration of naturopathy's belief system, Dr. Pamela Snider ND:

01. the Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients states naturopathy's essential vitalism per:

01.a. "1991 AANP Convention - Into The Light," a report on the 1991 AANP Convention, {per Kane, E. (ND Bastyr 1992); Townsend Letter #105, April 1992, p.260-2}:

"[quoting Snider, P. (ND Bastyr 1982)] we believe in the vital force, which has inherent organization, in intelligent [teleological] and intelligible [...] we have vis medicatrix naturae. Our way is to research the mystery and beauty of the life force, in which we have faith. Our power and our responsibility is to bring the life force into the light."

01.b. "Naturopathic Physician on Her Career Choice: 'No Regrets'," an interview of Snider, {per Zablocki, E. (? ?); web published date 2005-05-01; archived here}:

"naturopathic medicine relies on the vital life force within human beings."

02. what science says:

02.a. the New York Academy of Sciences states in "The Autonomy of Biology" (click here):

"[per Ernst Mayr] biology could not be recognized as a science of the same rank as physics as long as most biologists accepted certain basic explanatory principles not supported by the laws of the physical sciences and eventually found to be invalid. The two major principles here involved are vitalism and a belief in cosmic teleology. As soon as it had been demonstrated that these two principles are invalid and, more broadly, that none of the phenomena of the living world is in conflict with the natural laws of the physicalists, there was no longer any reason for not recognizing biology as a legitimate autonomous science equivalent to physics."

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