Sunday, August 3, 2008

UK Homeopathy, AANP's NPLEX II, and the "Current of Science and Reason":

Andy Lewis points out the nonsense known as homeopathy. Meanwhile, NDs -- who must do mandatory homeopathy coursework, homeopathy patient contact quotas, and a national exam that includes homeopathy -- claim that such nonsense is a clinical science. Fascinating:

01. Andy Lewis of The Quackometer points out in his excellent "Desperate Remedies"post {2008-08-03}:

"homeopathy on the NHS has nearly vanished [ is] the last vestigial remnants of nineteenth century quackery [... it's a] fabulously constructed fantasy world [...] the Faculty of Homeopaths [...they] are swimming against the current of science and reason [...homeopathy is] an entirely placebo based therapy [...] that is what all the science and evidence says homeopathy is [...homeopathy's disappearance] is the natural result of an increasing awareness of the need to adopt evidence based practices."

02. meanwhile, in North America:

02.a. the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations [NPLEX], by way of Bastyr University, states that homeopathy is a clinical science:

"NPLEX Part II - Clinical Science Examinations: Blueprints & Preparation Guide [...] the NPLEX Board designed this guide to give general information to anyone taking the NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examinations [...including] homeopathy."

02.b. but, this should not be surprising since AANP-FNPLA-NPLEX naturopathy ignores the parameters whereby actual science is conducted, claiming instead -- merely by fiat, against quite a preponderance of historic precedent -- that the following either nonscientific or science-ejected concepts / sectic premises are in fact science / science-based / scientific:

03. obviously, the "current of science and reason" has:

profoundly ejected vitalism and ejected supernaturalism from the realm of science.
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