Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vitalism's Aliases - Vegetarian Times 2000-05 [Koontz, K. (writer) & Goode, T. (ND CCNH)]:

here, I cite a typical practice in CAM, which includes naturopathy, of equating energy with spirit with prana with chi etc., via a Vegetarian Times (2000) article:

Koontz, K. (? ?) writes in "Breath You Take":

"experts say the majority of us don't even do it correctly [it being 'breathing'!!!]. But if we did, we could vastly [!!!] improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health [huh?!?!?!...] 'breath has been used for 5,000 years as the road to consciousness', says Thomas Goode, N.D. [naturopath, by way of Clayton College of Natural Health...] many cultures associate it with energy and spirit: the Indian prana, the Chinese chi, the Japanese ki, the Greek pneuma, the Latin spiritus and the Hebrew neshamah all refer to the air we breathe, or breath itself, as well as our spirit, soul and life energy and essence [p.074]."

Note: ah, those were simpler times, THOUSANDS of years ago! Science didn't exist, and explanations were so...superstitious!!! [vitalism is superstition].

The equations / habits are typical: like the misuse of the science term 'energy' to describe the supernatural-spiritistic, and those health claims -- as New Age CAMs are wont to do -- are absolutely absurd.

I don't see any science credentials on the author's bio. page.

For the N.D.'s bio. page, click here.
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