Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BCMA's Mackie - NDs are NOT Science-based, 2009:

here, I quote from the British Columbia Medical Association's President regarding the nonscientific basis of naturopathy:

Wendy Stueck reports in "BCMA Chief Expresses Worry Over Expanded Role For Naturopaths" (2009-01-28):

"the head of the British Columbia Medical Association has raised concerns about proposed regulatory changes that would allow B.C. naturopaths to prescribe drugs, order lab tests and identify themselves as doctors without a qualifier, such as 'naturopathic,' in the description. 'Our main concern is safety and science,' BCMA president Bill Mackie said [...] naturopathic training institutions are not affiliated with universities and are not science based, Dr. Mackie said."

You said it, brother.
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