Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dana Ullman is Disqualified: SBM 2009-01-27:

Dr. Harriet Hall, in response to homeopath Dana Ullman's ravings regarding homeopathy, wrote quiet concisely in commentary for the article "Historic College of Pharmacy to Honor Homeopathy Leader" (2009-01-26) by D.J. Kroll:

"Dana is not playing by the rules of science [...] he has disqualified himself from serious consideration by rational scientific thinkers, and has lost the right to participate in any discussion of science-based medicine. He is like a child butting into an adult discussion to say 'there really is a Tooth Fairy and I can prove it because here's the money she left me.' He is not even capable of understanding why his arguments fail to convince us, even though it has been explained to him many times in great detail. We should have compassion and be kind to the handicapped, but we shouldn’t have to pay any attention to their ravings."

Nice: reminds me of the NDs, who absurdly claim that the scientific and the profoundly science-ejected are the same thing.
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