Friday, February 6, 2009

'Treating the Source': Upcoming Vitalism Pow-Wow - Life University, 2009:

here, I quote from the "Vitalism Conference" press release by Life University's 'The Life Source Octagon: A Center For Infinite Thinking' [whatever that means] going to be held 2009-04-17&18 [see 001., below], which will include various CAM vitalists -- including one from naturopathy:

001. LU states:

"vis medicatrix naturae: stewardship of the source of healing [...per] vitalistic philosophy [...] for clinical practice, policy-making, education and beyond [...speakers include] Kaeufer [...] Greco [...speaking about] The New Vitalism [...and its relation to] health, healing, and beyond [...] Russell [...per this] fundamental cosmology and philosophy [...] Fisher [...who] will share insights about how vitalistic philosophy serves to explain or 'hold' the art and science [!!!] of homeopathy [...] Joseph Pizzorno, ND, past president of Bastyr University and author of [the] Textbook of Natural Medicine [who] will share his insights about vitalism and naturopathic philosophy [...] Koch [...who] will share how the new vitalism and chiropractic are inextricably woven together [...] Morris [...who] will talk about the alignment of Asian medicine and vitalism [...] Guha [...who] will share how ayurvedic medicine sees the principles and application of vitalism [...] Roberts [...who] will help us understand how physicians are dissatisfied with reductionistic and mechanistic models [that is, science!; and] are seeking to build new bridges with naturalistic [!!!; huh???] health professions [!!!...] Coulter [...who'll discuss] the potential power of a collective movement around vitalism ['s] day and a half-long conference [...] to help us use the philosophy of vitalism."

002. note 01:

vitalism is profoundly science-ejected! Notice with this conference that, apparently, NO NEW SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS justifying vitalism are at all mentioned -- because there aren't any!!! Vitalists don't even try ACTUAL SCIENCE. Instead, they verbalize!

003. note 02:

it is common, by the way, in much the same way this press release does per its 'treating the source of healing / cause of disease' language at its beginning, for NDs to MERELY state their vitalistic intent in a coded / opaque manner, never transparently stating their essential vitalism to the public in any kind of honest way:

e.g., per Korsunsky, S. (ND CCNM 2006) in "Naturopathic Medicine":

"naturopathic doctors [...] support the body’s healing processes [...] NDs try to find and remove the underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of disease and distress [...] naturopathic medicine recognizes the connectivity of body, mind and spirit [...] support the healing power of nature. The inherent healing powers of nature and the body are honored and every effort is make to facilitate these [...] naturopathic medicine treats the cause of disease."

Nowhere on this ND's cited page is naturopathy's essential vitalism expressed in any form of transparent language! There is, of course, PILES OF SUPERNATURALISM per spirit.

But, perhaps this is helpful: coincidentally, Pizzorno, 'who authored that ND textbook' [filled with vitalism and supernaturalism] and the ND-vitalist mentioned in this press release, states in his own book "Total Wellness" (1997; ISBN 076151094X) that the vitalism of naturopathy is aka "spirit".

Hmmm, very naturalistic!!! Very scientific!!!

The underlying cause of disease in naturopathy is spiritual.

ND vitalism can be summed up as a sectarian belief in 'an underlying intelligent life spirit bioagency' aka 'god power within' -- in my view.

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