Monday, April 20, 2009

Naturopathy's 'Supernatural Cause of Disease' - Ian, H. (NMD SCNM), Pizzorno, J.E. (ND NCNM):

here, I principally quote from a Naturopathic Doctor News & Review [NDNR] article by an NMD that states that all disease is due to a "spiritual" / supernatural cause, first & foremost [see 001., below]; and from a similar position held by Pizzorno [see 002., below]:

001. Ian, H. (NMD SCNM) states in "The Nature of the Counseling Relationship: Within the Naturopathic Philosophy" [NDNR 2009-04, p.014-015]:

"the counseling relationship provides a vehicle to approach the symptoms of illness through recognition of and reverence for the blueprint of the human [{huh?}...] the physician will understand and address the cause of illness [...] act[ing] with the vis medicatrix naturae [VMN...per] the creator's purpose [{theism?}...] the architect of the human has created a complex design consisting of emotional, psychological and spiritual components [{theism?}...that are] inseparable [...] all disease originates from a basic crisis of spirit [...] all physical dysfunction being manifest by the body is a reflection of deeper, unresolved spiritual issues [...per] the crisis of spirit that preceded and accompanied the manifestation of disease [...per] the inner emotional and spiritual experience of the human precedes and, in fact, determines all that is experienced at the physical level of life [...this is apposed to] the current cultural attitude that disease originates from unseen forces that invade and take over the physical body [{huh?; what culture is that, paleolithic man?}...Shealy & Myss] identified eight dysfunctional patterns in people who become sick [...#2] negative belief patterns that have control over a person's reality."

Note: the irony is killing me -- in naturoland, nature is supernatural, superstition is elevated to the status of fact. There's nothing "in fact" about a BELIEF that disease is entirely of supernatural origin -- it is an article of faith. Calling such in fact is truly 'the negative belief pattern', because faith and fact are different, and conflating them is absurd. I hazard to guess that such righteousness plows over others' freedom of conscience.

Meanwhile, similarly,
SCNM -- Ian's alma mater -- claims that naturopathic figmentation survives scientific scrutiny.

002. this parallels Pizzorno, J.E. (ND NCNM 1975)'s claim that the 'purposeful life spirit' bioagency NDs call VMN is a 'physiological system' / spirit:

"[page three:] seven underlying, health-sustaining systems of our body must function effectively to ensure our well-being, prevent disease, and allow a full life: the immune system, the detoxification system, the inflammatory system, the metabolic system, the regulatory system, the regeneration system, and our life-force (or spirit). Weakness in any of these seven systems results in susceptibilities that allow most common diseases to develop [ four:] live in harmony with your life-force [...] each of us needs to become more aware of the activity of the vis medicatrix naturae (life-force) deep within us."

Note: meanwhile, similarly,
NCNM -- Pizzorno's alma mater -- claims that such naturopathic figmentation survives scientific scrutiny.

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