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The Absurdity of Naturopathy PPPs - Jones, D. (ND UBCNM):

here, I cite a recent article written by Jones, D. (ND UBCNM) informing us of AANP naturopathy's new self-labeling / coinage per "primary prevention professionals" [see 001., below], what I consider to be another naturopathic false self-definition [see note to 001., below]; and I cite an earlier, similar, false self-definition / coinage [see 002., below] and parse that out with other internal ND sources to reveal the actual context of naturopathy's science-ejected central premise [see note to 002., below]; and yet, AANP's new, revised language regarding the central premises of naturopathy -- their new self-labeling / coinage -- is STILL and FURTHERMORE completely nontransparent / coded / deceptive / false [see 003., below]:

001. Jones, D. (ND UBCNM) states in "Naturopathic Physicians are Primary Prevention Professionals"{2009-05-07}:

"the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [AANP], our national organization, sponsors a [...] DC federal Legislative Initiative [{lobbying campaign}...] during the first weekend of May [...] each year it is wonderful to get the opportunity to educate our law-makers and their staff on [...] naturopathic medicine [...there's] a shortage of general care professionals [...] we are trained to fill those exact positions [as if!]. Not only are naturopathic physicians trained in general care, we are always stressing the importance of prevention through education, lifestyle and behavioral change [...therefore,] we have coined the phrase primary prevention professionals [{PPPs}...] Dr. Dae [...] is a naturopathic physician who completed her training at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine."

Note: obviously, "professional" is a self-label that naturopaths use frequently. I have previously pointed out that the nontransparency / explicit untruthfulness of naturopathy's self-definitions are antithetical to professionalism's ethical doctrine of 'credat emptor': e.g., "Undermining Professionalism - 'Caveat Emptor' per Naturopathy - Perle et al. & UW, UB & ISBN 1741140544".

002. I have seen such false self-labellings by AANP naturopathy before, wherein naturopathy is falsely categorized to lawmakers and the public [they snookered me]:

002.a. SCNM, Bastyr, NCNM and AANP -- in this 1999 archived example "The Alliance Legislative Workbook" [ALW] {ten years of such fraud in my life, and counting} -- stated per an intention "to educate our law-makers and their staff" and the public:

"we ask for your [legislators'] careful scrutiny. Be demanding with us [...] naturopathic physicians are the modern day science based primary care doctor [...] it is not a belief system."

002.b. but, and I went to ND school so I know, naturopathy is a belief system that is in fact nonscientific:

002.b1. ALW was 1999. Atwood, K.C. (MD) states in "Naturopathy: A Critical Appraisal: The Naturopathic Belief System"{2003-12-30}:

"naturopathic beliefs -- including those of 'naturopathic physicians' -- are rooted in vitalism, the pre-20th-century assertion that biological processes do not conform to universal physical and chemical principles. Naturopaths describe [this per] a 'healing power of nature'."

002.b2. and, as NCNM's Meletis, C.D. (ND NCNM? 1992-ish) states in OHSU's "Oregon CAM Course at OHSU"{2004-ish?} [archived by WBM since 2005]:

"[per] '10 Vocabulary Words Used In Naturopathic Medicine As Defined by Chris D. Meletis, N.D.' [{the 2003-2004 AANP ND of the Year, by the way - see ISBN 0275983943}...term] vis medicatrix naturae - simply defined as the healing power of nature. It speaks to the belief that the body has been instilled with the innate ability to heal. It is thus the goal of the physician to support and bolster the vital force [...] vis medicatrix naturae -- 'the healing power of nature' [...] one of the central themes of naturopathic philosophy today [...term] vital force - the inherent ability of the body to heal and regain life sustaining homeostasis. An individual’s ability to heal is dependent upon the quantity of vital force present at the time of onset and during the course of an illness. The greater the vital force the more able the body is to heal with minimal external intervention [...] if a host subject is well nourished and possesses sufficient vital force, they can be exposed to a pathogen and shall not get ill [...and of course we're told] naturopathic physicians are trained at accredited, four-year, post-graduate, residential naturopathic medical programs. [Claim:] the training consists of comprehensive study of the conventional medical sciences."

Note: vitalism, vitalism, vitalism - claimed to be within science.

Meletis, additionally, has been the Dean of Naturopathic Medicine at NCNM and such, as he relates:

"Dr. Meletis' extensive experience as a Dean and Chief Medical Officer for the NCNM, the oldest four-year post baccalaureate school of naturopathic medicine, makes him uniquely qualified to guide the IHA in its mission of empowering and educating individuals on the scientifically and clinically relevant steps essential to the healthy aging process [...per] teaching the science of healthy aging [...] Dr. Meletis also has served as the Chief Medical Officer and Dean of Naturopathic Medicine for the NCNM for seven years and subsequently served as the NCNM's Senior Science Officer."

Specifically, naturopathy claims to be a branch of medical science, but, that's nonsense / absurd -- minimally in light of their vitalistic 'central theme' -- as I have previously pointed out: e.g., "Naturopathy: Science by Mislabel, Vitalism By Oath, Diagnosis by Woo -- Pincott, I. (ND NCNM 1985)". What are we, all to be considered as idiots? Vitalism is profoundly science-ejected.

003. currently, AANP states in "What is Naturopathic Medicine":

"naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability [{coded vitalism}...] naturopathic physicians base their practice on six timeless principles founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence [{science claim}...#1] let nature heal. Our bodies have such a powerful, innate instinct for self-healing. By finding and removing the barriers to this self-healing -- such as poor diet or unhealthy habits -- naturopathic physicians can nurture this process [coded vitalism]."

Note: hmmm, in 1999 naturopathy was not a belief system, yet in 2009 it is 'belief based'. Obviously, the above current 2009 AANP language is a coding for their vitalistic belief, as directly expressed by Meletis in that 2004-ish OHSU document AS A BELIEF!

004. in sum:

PPP's? Scientific? Educators?

Don't you believe them - caveat emptor.

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