Monday, June 29, 2009

DC's Improbable Science on U.W. Naturopathy 'Make-Believe Nonsense' - Next For the Chop?:

DC's Improbable Science [UK] -- David Colquhoun -- writes in "More Make-Believe From the University of Westminster: This Time It’s Naturopathy":

"[at] the University of Westminster [...recently] luckily for science, they have a new dean who knows bullshit when she sees it [...e.g. their naturopathy degree] Health Sciences: Naturopathy [...which is] as delusional as homeopathy [...] rumor has it that naturopathy may be next for the chop ['s some of] what the hapless students get taught. Remember that according to Westminster this is a bachelor of science degree [...e.g.] emotrance [...] pure vitalistic psycho-babble [...] preposterous made-up gobbledygook [...] the idea that stuff of this sort is appropriate for a bachelor of science degree is simply ludicrous. I have no doubt that Westminster's new dean can see that as well as anyone else. She has the delicate job of extirpating the nonsense."

Note: similarly, I know of a Connecticut University [USA] posing vitalistic nonsense [amonst other nonsense] as health science, by way of a doctoral health science label.
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