Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iris Bell on Naturopathy's Essential Vitalism - ISBN 1600373879:

here, I point out 'ND elbow-rubber' & 'MD psychiatrist' Bell's explicit description of naturopathy as essentially vitalistic:

001. Bell, I.R. (MD SU, PhD SU) states in "Getting Whole, Getting Well: Healing Holistically from Chronic Illness" (ISBN 1600373879; 2008):

"note: naturopathic medicine or naturopathy is a CAM alternative medical system [...] philosophically, naturopathy is similar to homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and ayurveda in that it proposes that there is a healing power or vital life [p.104] force in the body that establishes, maintains, and restores health. Practitioners work with the patient with a goal of supporting this power [p.105]."

Note: for an autobiography see here, where 'she equates alternative medicine with holism', and for a CV see the American Medical College of Homeopathy, where they have a video regarding homeopathy that states:

"amazing, monumental, inspiring, passionate, quantum,compassionate, enlightening, captivating, life-changing, integrative, captivating, insightful, wholistic, passionate, wonder-full, tender, joyous, persevering, beautiful, peaceful, provoking, nurturing, natural, glorious, rewarding, global, collaborative, new-paradigm, self-awakening, pure energy, healing, the future. American Medical College of Homeopathy. Transforming lives."

They forgot 'dumb-assed'.

002. I think Dr. Bell, who appears to be quite the vitalist, knows a thing or two about:

002.a. naturopathy:

002.a. vitalism:

per "Iris Bell MD, PhD, Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, who presented 'An Empirical Approach to Modeling the Vital Force'."
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