Saturday, June 27, 2009

NDs Coward & Lewis Absurdly Defend Homeopathy as "Medicinal Science" - Citizen-Times, 2009-06-25:

here, I detail the absurd claim of two Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine [SCNM] ND graduates that homeopathy is a "medicinal science" [see 001., below]; while, overall, homeopathy is "utter rubbish" and "a classic pseudoscience" [see 002., below]:

001. Coward, S. (ND SCNM) and Lewis, K. (ND SCNM) state in the Citizen-Times article "Misconceptions Aside, Homeopathy Has Stood Test of Time" {2009-06-25}:

"homeopathy is a 200-year-old medicinal science [...unlike] Zicam [...which is] an impostor [...because] typical homeopathic remedies are much, much more dilute, often so dilute there are no molecules of the original substance left [{yikes !!!}...yet] the assertion that homeopathy is not supported by quality research is false [{oh really}...] studies of true homeopathy [...] show both safety and effectiveness [{oh really}...overall,] homeopathy has stood the test of time."

Note 01: AANP NDs take a national board exam that labels homeopathy "clinical science". SCNM -- the alma mater of these NDs -- labels naturopathy overall, including its requisite homeopathy , science in its web article "The Naturopathic Physician":

"naturopathic doctors['] practice is based on the same basic biomedical science foundation that allopathic [!!!] practice is [...we use] natural modalities such as [...] homeopathy [...] a licensed naturopathic physician (N.D.) attends a four-year professional level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an M.D. [...and they take] rigorous professional board exams [...] the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine requires four years of professional level study in the medical sciences."

Note 02: by the way, the President of CEO of SCNM, who is simultaneously the President of the AANMC -- Mittman, P. (ND NCNM 1985, DHANP AANP), 2007 AANP Physician of the Year -- is a homeopath.

Note 03.a.: Coward also tells us at his practice's web page, per "Homeopathy":

"homeopathy is a scientific method of treatment."

Note 03.b.1..: Lewis tells us at her practice's homepage shared with ND E. Lewis:

"we are experts in both the science of medicine."

Note 03.b.2. and Lewis tells us in "What is Classical Homeopathy?":

"homeopathy is a science."

002. homeopathy, is -- of course, as these NDs has stated above -- 'nothing but water'. E.g., Novella, S. (MD GUSM) recently wrote in "Homeopathy Awareness Week":

"I would like people to be aware of the fact that homeopathy is a pre-scientific philosophy that it is based entirely on magical thinking and is out of step with the last 200 years of science [!!!]. People should know that typical homeopathic remedies are diluted to the point that no active ingredient remains, and that homeopaths invoke mysterious vibrations or implausible and highly fanciful water chemistry. I would further like people to know that clinical research with homeopathic remedies, when taken as a whole, show no effect for any such remedy [...] I am all in favor of homeopathic awareness. The scientific community should use this week to make the public acutely aware of the fact that homeopathy is, put simply, utter rubbish. It is a classic pseudoscience and has no place in a 21st century science-based health care system."

Note: in other words, labeling homeopathy a "medicinal science" is absurd -- misconceptions aside!

003. warning, NDs are not the 'competent science-qualified physicians' that they claim to be.
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