Friday, July 31, 2009

Ad Hominem Defamatory Blather In My Direction - A Portland Business Journal Commenter:

recently, NCNM put up a listing in the Portland Business Journal [see 001., below]; and I commented, and somebody commented upon my comment [see 002., below]; and I share some ACTUAL FACTS [see 003., below]:

001. NCNM states in "National College of Natural Medicine":

"NCNM offers two exceptional degree programs [including the] Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) [...] established in 1956, NCNM represents the heart of natural medicine [...] natural health care [...] NCNM meets or exceeds all pertinent regulatory standards [...] the content of this listing was provided by a representative of National College of Natural Medicine."

Note: the claims of being exceptional / exceeding, & being central per "heart" within the ND [mis]educational world. I do agree with the latter.

002. my comment, and a response:

002.a. I commented:

"isn't NCNM the HEIGHT of pseudointellectual absurdity [naturopathy]? E.g., labeling as 'scientific fact' the IN FACT science-ejected vitalistic, supernatural, teleological & kind!"

002.b. someone anonymously responded:

"Rob Cullen, face it, you were asked to leave Bridgeport because you're a horrible clinician and now that you're bitter, you're continuing to burn more bridges. Get a life! With all this hate a [and?] negativity, no wonder you couldn't cut it. Naturoapthic [sp.] medicine is about positivity and optimism. You clearly did not belong. NCNM is the top Naturopathic school, working hand-in-hand with MD's, DO's, DC's and LAc's in the community providing preventive primary care at the highest levels... It's a 4-5 yr doctorate program with the highest standards of any other naturopathic program in the entire world. NCNM rocks! :)."

Note: first, my criticisms were substantively addressed. This is likely because they are true, and therefore unassailable. Instead, my character is attacked with falsehood and name-calling. This is not relevant to my criticism. I've no idea who wrote this, but I'd like to remind all that naturocrit is open to commentary and I'd only edit comments that are grossly without merit in regards to the blogpost commented upon.

003. some actual facts:

003.a. it is an actual fact that NCNM claims that that which is profoundly science-ejected in fact survives scientific scrutiny

- which is ABSURD, insane, & academically and professionally impossible to adhere to. That is what I specifically mean by "pseudointellectual absurdity". I don't see how such "exceeds" and is "exceptional". I would say that such thinking is typical of naturopathy: dumb-assed. I don't see how the rigorous standards of professionalism can be accomplished from a basis of falsehood: the scientific science-ejected. I don't see how the rather easier standards of fair trade can be accomplished when the trade occurs from a position of falsehood. In other words, caveat emptor isn't even being met, never mind credat emptor.

003.b. it is an actual fact, as regards UB:

003.a. I was not asked to leave Bridgeport by ANYONE. I left due to the unethical position I found myself in: being an ND, if I had stayed and graduated. One necessary hoop I'd have had to have jumped through was to treat patients with homeopathy, and complete required homeopathy courses, and then have to take board exams that include such CRAP.

Giving people NOTHING, and telling them it is medicine is REPUGNANT.

003.b. I am not a clinician of any kind. I am an educator and autodidact.

003.c. the rest, well, is blather and I don't care to comment further on it. I'll guess that this is a current NCNM student, but that's just a guess.

Commentary is invited.

***update 01: all of a sudden [7:20 pm EST], the web page is no longer active:

***update 02: all of a sudden [1:21 am EST] it's back up.
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