Thursday, July 30, 2009

Andy Lewis - Homeopathy is Untenable / Absurd [So I'm Wondering Why NANAA Falsely Calls It Science?]:

here, I quote from the Quackometer regarding homeopathy's nonscientific status [see 001., below]; and, drawing on my familiarity with naturopathy, I cite NANAA's as absurd position [see 002., below]:

001. the Quackometer Blog [Andy Lewis] recently wrote in "Homeopaths: Do You Really Want Statutory Regulation?" (2009-07-29):'

"homeopaths [being unregulated in the UK] have been free to indulge in whatever delusions they fancy [ from the constraints of] plausibility and reliable evidence for anything [...encompassing] absurdities [...] homeopathy has failed in two hundred years to make any progression in showing that it is nothing other than a inert treatment based on pre-scientific and magical thinking [...] in the two hundred years since homeopathy was invented, our scientific understanding of medicine, chemistry and physics has moved on enormously and it clearly shows that homeopathy is not just implausible but is utterly contradicted by everything we know about the world. Homeopathy lies outside of reason and science. It is a pseudo-medicine and is just a placebo therapy. It is just not tenable to hold any other position ['s] absurd treatment [...much like] the non existent foundations of much of chiropractic care [...that] vestigial remnant of Victorian back cracking quackery [...] chiropractors [now regulated] find themselves being held to the highest forms of professionalism and practice without an evidence base for pretty much anything they do."

Note: it is absurd to pose homeopathy as scientific [and naturopathy!].

002. the 'North American Naturopathic Absurdity Apparatus' [NANAA] labels their requisite homeopathy "clinical science", "medical science", "firmly science-based" and "health science":

002.a. "clinical science" per the North American ND licensing exam, NPLEX, in "About NPLEX";

002.b. "medical science" per the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges in "About Naturopathic Medicine"; also, the American Medical Student Association in "Welcome to AMSA's Naturopathic Medicine Interest Group!";

002.c. "firmly science-based" per Bastyr University states in "Naturopathic Medicine";

002.d. "health science" per the University of Bridgeport states in "UB Spotlight: Health Sciences Programs";

002.e. and just for S&G, Coward, S. (ND SCNM), Lewis, K. (ND SCNM) state in "Misconceptions Aside, Homeopathy Has Stood Test of Time" (2009-06-25), specifically regarding homeopathy:

"homeopathy is a 200-year-old medicinal science."

003. amazing.
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