Saturday, July 25, 2009

CA Likely Eliminating Their .gov Naturopathy Board - Yeah, Baby! [No More Coded Deceptive Propaganda?]:

here, I cite a recent article that states that California's Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine is getting the axe [see 001., below]; and I flesh out some reasons why this is good because they [NDs] are so bad [at science, for one thing; see 002., below]; so do it [see 003., below]:

001. the Sacramento Business Journal reports in "Budget Bills Go to California Assembly" (2009-07-24):

"the California State Senate finished passing 31 bills early Friday morning to close a $24.2 billion gap in the state budget. Added to $921 million in reserves, state lawmakers claimed to have solved a $25.3 billion budget problem [...] the Integrated Waste Management Board and the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine are singled out for elimination."

Note: this would be a very good thing in terms of consumer protection. It would stop their racket: because they are the health and education robbers. I flesh a little of this out below.

002. California's Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine tells us:

002.a. in "California Department of Consumer Affairs: A Consumer's Guide to Naturopathic Medicine" (archived here):

"naturopathic medicine [...] stimulate[s] the body's self-healing process [BSHP...per] the healing power of nature [HPN...aka] the body's inherent wisdom to heal itself [BIWTHI...using] complementary and alternative therapies [CAM...per a] holistic approach [HA...per] a natural approach [...NDs training is] graduate-level [&] accredited [...including] science and clinical courses [...and they are a] health care profession [...] licensure ensures that naturopathic doctors have met the professional standards [...per] professional practice [...and we are referred to] the California Naturopathic Doctors Association [CALND...and] the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [AANP]."

Note: this is the State of California participating in, plain and simple - deception / the naturopathy racket. California's nondisclosure of naturopathy's essential science-ejected sectarian premise is repugnant. Informed consent is the basis for the physician-patient relationship, in these here modern times. Yet, instead of information that is accurate and complete, the State of California acts as an echo chamber for that same old slimy, coded, false and incomplete ND propaganda [see my examples below: in their own words, per this blog's mission of 'from the inside'].

002.b. let me explain, a little:

002.b1. the terms BSHP-HPN-BIWTHI:

are actually representing the fundamental / essential naturopathic precept / context: vitalism. This is clearly stated at one of their schools, the University of Bridgeport. Notice that California's language does not clearly state "life force" or "vital force" or accurately or completely label BSHP-HPN-BIWTHI as vitalistic / vitalism. This is important because the vitalistic is HUGELY science-ejected.

Are you informed of this? No, not there.

Do you want a supposed primary care doctor:

a) basing her / his entire worldview regarding 'the medical' on Tooth Fairy premises mislabeled as science and posed as medically relevant?

b) not disclosing that in fact he / she represents an unethical sectarian pseudoscience taking your money under false pretenses?

This is the modus operandi of this CAM-HA: claiming to be professional and scientific, when professionalism is bound by the stricture "credat emptor" [let the buyer have faith] yet deceiving the patient with science-ejected junk. This is ethically repugnant. Professions-level and graduate-level science? Hmm, they can't even get straight a basic logical premise from elementary school: something cannot be what it is different from [more on this below].

002.b2. CALND states:

002.b2a. in "Frequently Asked Questions":

"[for] a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) [...] the training consists of a comprehensive study of the conventional medical sciences [...] they learn how to integrate the principles of naturopathic medicine into clinical practice [such as vitalism]."

Note: again, we're led to believe that the essentially naturopathic is scientific, that they are science experts. En masse, they posture that there's a firm scientific basis to science-ejected principles such as vitalism. Hilarious, if it wasn't so despicable and moronic. And insane.

002.b2b. in "Education":

"the naturopathic medical profession's infrastructure includes accredited educational institutions, professional licensing, national standards of practice, peer review, and a commitment to state-of-the-art scientific research [...] the training consists of comprehensive study of the conventional medical sciences [...] naturopathic doctors are guided by six principles [...including] the healing power of nature [...which] forms the foundation of this distinct health care practice."

Note: again, we have the claim of professionalism, science [and requisite vitalism]. Both are false, as their fundamental premise HPN indicates: naturopathy is based upon the profoundly science-ejected, and they disguise that premise, and they mislabel it science. This is unprofessional in the sense of breaching fidelity in two major areas: the trust of the patient and the public, in terms of being truthful and competent overall which is minimally required from a professional, and naturopathy's complete hijacking of "science" to support sectarian woo-woo. There are K-12 science textbooks that clearly state that vitalism is science-ejected [e.g.]!

002.b3. AANP and I go way back. They are the HUGE charlatans, and I know about this personally.


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