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Naturopathy's Essential Superstitious Teleological Vitalism - Sensenig 2007 in UE:

here, I quote from a 2007 Unified Energetics [UE] article that reveals the teleological vitalism that is essential to naturopathy [see 001., below]; while naturopathy labels itself science [see 002., below]; while teleology and vitalism are PROFOUNDLY science-ejected [see 003, below]:

001. the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project [I consider this 'of the preponderant naturopathic'] states in "The Heart of Naturopathic Medicine":

"[per ND Sensenig] there are words or phrases that we have borrowed from our predecessors that we use interchangeably: vis medicatrix naturae [VMN], vitality [V], simple substance [SS...] dynamis [D...] qi [Q...] energy [E...] vis medicatrix naturae [VMN...] vis is this tendency in nature towards organization, order and purpose [P...] towards the ideal [I] or perfection [P...a.k.a.] homeostasis [H...] the direction of order [DO...] this vis [VS...] the organizational tendency in nature [OT...] vitalism [VT]."

Note: so, we have -- at the heart of naturopathic medicine, a.k.a. 'the essentially naturopathic' BY THEIR OWN DEFINING -- VMN = V = SS = D = Q = E = VMN = VS = VT in terms of vitalism, and P = I = P = H = DO = OT in terms of teleology [with the two intertwined {inseparable in naturo.}; for science's position on these two DEFUNCT ideas, see 003. below]. Here's an important note on ND luminary Sensenig: he was my instructor at UB in 1998 and spewed similar 'cultic mystical weirdness' [a label I'd applied to my UB naturopathy experience in a sworn deposition], and here is a handout from that course. Sensenig is second from right in this Foundation's group picture.

002. for naturopathy's self-labeling of "science", click here.

003. and here's my favorite science quote regarding teleology and vitalism:

"[per biologist Ernst Mayr in "What Makes Biology Unique?: Considerations on the Autonomy of a Scientific Discipline"(2004; ISBN 0521841143)] I did not want to fall into a trap like vitalism or become a teleologist [...] the biology for which I wanted to find a philosophy had to qualify as a genuine, bona fide science [p.002...] occult forces (vitalism and teleology) [...] vitalism was an invalid approach [p.017...] the refutation of certain erroneous basic assumptions [...] certain basic ontological principles that later were shown to be erroneous [...] certain basic explanatory principles not supported by the laws of physical sciences and eventually found to be invalid. The two major principles here involved are vitalism and a belief in cosmic teleology [...] an invisible force, lebenskraft or vis vitalis. Those who believed in such a force were called vitalists. Vitalism was popular from the early seventeenth century to the early twentieth century [p.022...] generations of vitalists labored in vain to find a scientific explanation for the lebenskraft until it finally became quite clear that such a force simply does not exist. That was the end of vitalism [p.023...] biologists [ 1866] now rejected vitalism and cosmic teleology [p.025...] after vitalism had become obsolete [p.069...] genetic programs occur only in living organisms [...] naturalists [...] have been aware of this fundamental difference for thousands of years, but their explanation for it was invalid. They tried to attribute life to the occult force of vitalism, as vis vitalis, but eventually is was determined that such a force does not exist [...] this was finally made possible in the twentieth century by the discoveries in cytology, genetics, and molecular biology. The sciences finally provided us with a naturalistic explanation of life [p.090...] glossary [...] vitalism: the now thoroughly refuted belief in the existence of an occult invisible force in living organisms responsible for the manifestations of life in any living organism [p.225]."

004. so, when is the HUGELY science-ejected [teleological vitalism] falsely labeled science?

Naturopathy. There ain't nothing so CONTINUALLY stupid and false.

E.g: at UB, where I believe Sensenig still teaches, they still label their naturopathy science, while vitalistic and teleological.

I think the Federal Trade Commission has a word for this.
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