Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ardolf & Kruzel - Naturopaths Advocating Pediatric Homeopathic Immunization [I Kid You Not]:

here, I share with you two NDs' ALARMING claim that homeopathy is a viable choice in lieu of conventional vaccination against -- and for treatment of -- infectious diseases in children, and I detail their protocol [see 001., below]; then, I cover some of the basic statements common to ND sites including their claim that homeopathy is effective for pandemics [see 002., below], that naturopathy has a "scientific basis" [see 003., below], that homeopathy treats a wide variety of illnesses and emergency situations [see 004., below], that naturopathy is better than conventional pediatric care [see 005., below], and that naturopathy's essential principles survive scientific scrutiny [see 006., below], and their explicit verbiage concerning the science-ejected vitalism that is essential to naturopathy [see 007., below]:

001. NDs Ardolf, D.A. (SCNM ) and Kruzel, T.A. (NCNM) state:

001.a. in "Natural Remedies":

"homeopathic immunization schedule – as more and more parents are opting out of conventional immunizations because of the increased risk of an adverse reaction and the large number administered, having a viable and effective alternative is better than not immunizing at all. This schedule lists all of the available homeopathic nosodes but not all are administered. Parents wishing homeopathic immunizations [!!!] are given a reading list prior to starting the program so that they can make an informed decision. Immunizations by this method may also be done with children who have already received some conventional vaccines."

Note: since homeopathy does not invoke any scientifically supported immune response, it is quite false to claim that this treatment of NOTHING in an immunization. To be immunized is to be protected. NOTHING is not protective / prophylactic.

001.b. in "Homeopathic Immunization Schedule":

"disease, [homeopathic] immunization [respectively]: diptheria [therefore homeopathic] diptherinum; pertussis [therefore homeopathic] pertussin; polio [therefore homeopathic] Lathyrus sativa rubella [therefore homeopathic] rubeola [etc....but it gets even worse] anthrax [therefore homeopathic] anthrocyanum [...] botulism [therefore homeopathic] botulinum [...] rabies [therefore homeopathic] Lyssin [...] syphilis [therefore homeopathic] Syphilinum [...] protocol: 1. begin at age 6 months [...] 2. administer the remedy 1X per day for 2 days, then wait an additional 5 days before administering the next nosode [...] 3. during the administration of the homeopathic vaccinations, supplement with extra vitamin C and thymus extract. 4. Repeat the series each year at the same time until the child is 12 years old. 5. If the child is exposed to one of the diseases, administer a dose of the corresponding nosode to re-stimulate the immune system. Additional homeopathic medicines may also be utilized following exposure."

Note: this is quite scary stuff, indeed.

002. Kruzel also informs us that homeopathy is effective for swine flu in "Swine Flu: Natural Medicine Approaches to a Possible Pandemic", stating:

"natural medicines have had an excellent track record in the treatment of influenza in general, but also pandemic outbreaks in particular, such as the influenza pandemic of 1918, which was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people worldwide. The most successful treatments during this outbreak were homeopathic and herbal medicine therapies."
003. in Services, apparently both NDs inform us of:

"the art and scientific basis of natural medicine [...which is a] profession."

004. in "Homeopathy"apparently both NDs inform us that:

"homeopathic medicines can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and works well with other therapies to affect healing. Many of our patients have experienced lasting changes from homeopathy, allowing them to discontinue use of prescription medications [...] many of our patients have home remedy kits in order to treat every day routine medical emergencies."

005. in "Pediatric Medicine"apparently both NDs inform us that:

"many naturally derived medicines are available to treat the numerous childhood illnesses encountered, often working faster and better than conventional drug therapy. Naturopathic physicians are trained to recognize childhood illnesses and provide the best natural therapy available."

006. in "Frequently Asked Questions"apparently both NDs state:

"what is naturopathic medicine? [It's] founded upon a holistic philosophy [...] naturopathic medicine is appropriate for the management of a broad range of health conditions affecting all people of all ages [...] naturopathic medicine is distinguished by the principles which underlie and determine its practice. These principles are based upon the objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually reexamined in the light of scientific advances."

Note: that 'we survive scientific scrutiny' claim.

007. it should be noted that in "Naturopathic Philosophy", naturopathy's essential science-ejected vitalism is described:

"naturopathic medicine is built upon a number of principles. The first is vis medicatrix naturae which means the healing power of nature or the vital force as the driving impetus behind healing disease. This concept is derived from the vitalist tradition of medicine [...] modern naturopathic medicine has continued the tradition of evaluating therapeutic modalities which aid the vital force and the healing power of nature."

Note: vitalism is completely science-ejected. So, naturopathy is in the completely absurd position of claiming that within science is nonscience.
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