Sunday, August 16, 2009

Explaining Without Explaining: Naturopathy's CODED Central Premise Via Lane, K. (NMD SCNM):

here, I show a typical ND / NMD ruse -- via Kiera Lane NMD -- presenting in naturalistic language [see 001., below] an actually sectarian science-ejected premise [see 002., below]:

001. Kiera Lane, an NMD graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine [SCNM] states in "Philosophy":

"what are the [essential] principles of naturopathic medicine? 1. Healing power of nature [HPN]: naturopathic physicians utilize the healing power of nature to facilitate the body’s own healing process. Their role is to facilitate and augment this process by identifying and removing obstacles to health and wellness."

Note: and that's all you are told. Can you make an informed decision based on this? No, and I'll tell you why not [you have to know what they are coding in order to understand that they are masking their sectarian science-ejected central premise].

002. the actual context of HPN, via that "Dr.'s" alma mater, SCNM:

002.a. SCNM states in "Is Alternative Medicine For You?":

"the healing power of nature [...] first described in western medicine by Hippocrates, the vis medicatrix naturae, is also referred to as chi in Chinese medicine, prana in ayurveda, and vital force in homeopathy. When alive, the vis medicatrix naturae enables humans and other living beings to resist entropy and decay, unlike inanimate objects that are subject to these effects. Creating treatment plans that harness the healing power of nature [...] the essence of naturopathic medicine."

002.b. and, vitalism is hugely science-ejected.

003. would you know that from the "Dr.'s" web page? No. And, being that the "Dr." describes herself as a "medical director", isn't medicine ETHICALLY obligated to the INTEGRITY of its scientific knowledge and not misleading its patients?

Note: fascinating. I got thousands more ND sites like this.
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