Friday, September 18, 2009

CT Complaint Archive -- Venn Diagrams Concerning Naturopathy & Science, 2003:

here, I post a scan of part of a complaint I filed with the State of Connecticut a few years ago that the State of Connecticut has apparently ignored, and I comment on CT from 6 years distance:

001. the 2003 Venn diagrams & verbiage:

Note: I'd titled this "the obfuscation." Literally: "the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret." The "front stage" is subtitled "compatibles claim", by which I mean that naturopathy claims it is science, and therein that the naturopathic is scientific. Some of the labels they use [CT, UB, AANP & co.] are "health science", "nonsectarian", and "the modern science-based primary care physician". These are "the claims that drew me in" -- an inducement, under false pretenses. The science is claimed to be actual / "mainstream" since it is at a university, and overall naturopathy claims a "science-basis".

But, in actuality, underneath, this is their reality: "the back stage" or "incompatibles reality" is what's really going on. This is "the reality I discovered" in attending the University of Bridgeport and in researching. What we have is "sectarian science" a.k.a. "actual pseudoscience" which is 'science on the side' embedded within a belief-system not science supported in any manner and actually science-ejected. The essentially naturopathic is exterior to science. Particularly, their actual vitalism and teleology, and their metaphysicalisms [including their supernaturalisms]. This includes their pantheism, which when combined with their vitalism which they equate theistically, I have termed autoentheism.

I regard all this as vulgar, still -- "a mind-fuck". Yes, the whole racket is AANP "profession"-centered, by oath and degree. But, of course, to actually be a profession, you have to tell the truth and you have to be right.

002. my opinion of the State of Connecticut and accessories:

CT will not incriminate 'naturopathy's obvious education fraudulence' because CT approved the whole racket. By incriminating naturopathy, the State of CT incriminates themselves: particularly for not doing due diligence in the first place, and then not responding to complaints like mine. So, the case continues to be built, but I'm pretty sure that it will have to occur Federally. CT approved the UB program about 1997. They've [CT, UB, AANP & co.] too much to answer for financially since so much money has been spent and loaned towards a hugely fraudulent education program. Damages include those expenditures, and also the diversion from other accurately labeled education venues / careers.

Note: my graduate school debt increases on a daily basis. The graduate schools include: NYU [which I left, to go to UBCNM], UB / UBCNM [that big racket], the State University of CT, and other schools [where I continued research on all this]. These are loans that are not going to expire, and will follow me to my grave -- an amount in the six-figures. So, I'm guessing there's no statute of limitations on all this. I also refuse to pay towards any education loan. New York State has gotten involved because when I consolidated all these graduate school loans, that aggregate became the obligation of the State I'd first taken out a Federal loan in.
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