Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jerry Kopel - You Are Wrong (Colorado Statesman, 2009-10-16):

"the NP [ND!] practice can be summarized as 'helping the body heal itself in the least invasive, most fundamental curative manner possible' [...] NPs function under regulation, they have successfully attended accredited four-year graduate level naturopathic medical schools [...] practitioners who don’t meet the high standards set out for NPs [etc.]."

002. actually, 'the ND practice' is based upon the concept of vitalism falsely labeled science and usually, as above, relayed in coded language. To state otherwise is to mislead, or be ignorant.  You'd hope somebody writing in a newpaper would do some research first:

there are no such high standards for NDs, particularly via the AANP schools mentioned. E.g., where else but naturopathy do you find a sectarian belief set, claimed as nonsectarian, and science when actually science-ejected?
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