Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The ND M.O. in MT - Naturopathy's Science-Based Nonscience Context Via Troy, L. (ND Bastyr 2004):

here, I do the typical: illustrate ND nonsense. An ND claims that the naturopathic is science [see 001.a., below], codes vitalism [see 001.b. and oo1.c., below] and warns the public that if ND beliefs aren't followed they'll be harming themselves, and I reveal the ill-logic / figmentation / ruse [see 003., below]:

001. Montana ND Troy, L. (Bastyr 2004) states:

001.a. in "Licensure":

"a licensed naturopathic physician (N.D.) attends a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical school and is educated in the same basic sciences as medical doctors [...NDs are] professional leaders and pioneers in science-based natural medicine."

Note: so we have this claim of typical science upon 'the naturopathic'.

001.b. in "Naturopathic Principles":

"principles of naturopathic medicine: [#1] the healing power of nature - vis medicatrix naturae [HPN/VMN...] naturopathic physicians respect and work with the vis medicatrix naturae in diagnosis, treatment and counseling, for if this self-healing process [SHP] is not respected the patient may be harmed."

Note: so we have the premise HPN / VMN / SHP.

001.c. in "Homeopathy":

"homeopathic medicines stimulate and encourage the body’s own natural healing forces [BONHF...] the individual’s innate healing powers [IIHP] are encouraged."

Note: so we have the premise BONHF / IIHP.

002. obviously, HPN / VMN / SHP / BONHF / IIHP have be labeled science by this ND.

003. don't you believe it:

003.a. VMN or whatever other euphemism / disguise NDs use to describe their 'healing context' is the science ejected concept of vitalism.

Note: this is NDs' M.O., claim science as a context while hiding naturopathy's actual nonscience context. Since the concept of vitalism is as scientific as the Tooth Fairy, warning people that if they don't respect a just-as-imaginary 'purposeful life spirit' that supposedly runs one's physiology [VMN] is as dangerous as a dentist warning a patient that if they don't make offerings to the Tooth Fairy, they are in serious trouble.
When is typical science NOT science at all: naturopathy.

004. so, though two articles by NDs were recently published in Montana's Great Falls Tribune newspaper on 2009-10-05 (Arnold, Oleynik), I'd be wary about ND claims of medical expertise.
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