Friday, October 23, 2009

PZ Meyers on University of Minnesota's Support of Naturopathy: 'I Despise Such Quacks at U.M.' (2009-10):

here, I cite some words between myself and PZ Meyers from his Pharyngula blog which is hosted by  He was not pleased with the University of Minnesota's [UM] response to a recent incident, which reminded me of 'UM's big support for naturopathy without a single disclaimer' on the page.  I thought a scientist's opinion would be interesting.  It was: 

001.a. PZ Meyers recently wrote in "Shame on the University of Minnesota!":

"during some football game, our mascot, Goldy the Gopher, [supposedly] mocked a player on the opposing team who thought it was appropriate to ostentatiously kneel down and publicly pray [...] the real disgrace is our [U.M.'s] craven PR flacks [...] I think it ought to be a Minnesota tradition to point and laugh loudly at any player who thinks he gets holy credit with a deity for catching a ball."

Note: UM is where PZ Meyers teaches.

001.b. I'd commented:

"[#125] posted by: daijiyobu | October 23, 2009 11:08 AM.  Speaking of disgraceful acts at the University of Minnesota... PZ, what's your opinion of UM's support for the sCAM called naturopathic medicine (see ) where, disgracefully, we're told: 'naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition [...whose principles are] continually re-examined in the light of scientific advances [...and we] cooperate with all other branches of medical science.' Yet the actually naturopathic [vitalism, supernaturalism & kind] is hugely science-ejected, AND UM and AANP etc. label homeopathy 'science'. This web-page based absurdity is apparently authored by ND Ratte (see ). -r.c."

Note: a sCAM is a "so-called complementary and alternative medicine". UM's article makes some severely strong science-claims concerning the naturopathic.  It states the naturopathic is indeed science.  Ratte is an ND graduate of NCNM, 1997.  You can go to that school and similarly see the profoundly science-ejected labeled science [here].

001.c. PZ's response:

"posted by: PZ Myers Author Profile Page | October 23, 2009 11:14 AM. Don't get me started. I despise the quacks infesting the UM's medical and nursing schools. The Center for Spirituality and Healing [CFSH] recently invited Deepak Chopra to speak on campus. I'd go, except I know I'd be unable to resist rising up in the middle of his talk and shouting 'YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT!' [FOS]."

Note: so, what I found disgraceful, PZ found despicable.  It's all good.

002. naturopathy's as FOS:

my basic formulation is that naturopathy falsely postures the profoundly science-ejected [their vitalism, supernaturalism & kind] as able to survive scientific scrutiny [here] and falsely postures a 'professional ethical' status [here].  

003. naturopathy's central premise -- 'the essentially naturopathic' -- is truly FOS [absurd & insane!]:

disgraceful: yes.

despicable: yes.

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