Sunday, October 4, 2009

SBM on NCNM's 'Wrongness' - 2009-09-30:

I recently added a comment to a Science-Based Medicine post by Mark Crislip titled "What's Wrong With This Picture?" regarding this article. Many of the comments are a hoot. Here's mine:

daijiyobu on 02 Oct 2009 at 3:24 pm

Coincidentally, I’m holding in my hand right now a USPS mailing I received from NCNM’s admissions department on 2009-10-28.

I like to keep up with NCNM’s postal fraud: the labeling of the completely science-ejected as science, and the coding of their sectarian belief set in manipulative / deceptive naturalistic language.

It has some nice examples of such in it, too:

“[NCNM's] three exceptional degree programs [...] in the art and science of natural medicine [...the] ND [...the] MSOM [...the] MAc [...all based on] NCNM philosophy [...centered upon] the intrinsic healing power of nature [...] the human body is in tune with a natural force that moves living things toward a healthy state [(coded vitalism)...within a] body, mind and spirit [(supernaturalism)...and] Rita Bettenburg, ND. Dean of Naturopathic Medicine [...says] ‘the medicine is proving itself [...] in science’.”

I’m a junkie for the naturopaTHICK [my term for their stupidity / absurdity].

The article’s picture may pertain to these THICKnesses:

a) NCNM’s MSOM, “Master of Science in Oriental Medicine”:

at we’re told that the “science” is “holistic life science” that “will take you outside the Western concept of science” and that Oriental Medicine is — ISYN — “an independent science that has its own parameters and does not require validation by other scientific systems” ["THICK" enough for you?].

b) NCNM’s ND, “Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine”:

at we’re told that the hugely nonscientific survives scientific scrutiny ["THICK" enough for you?].

These degrees are truly EXCEPTIONAL: as in ‘except your science isn’t science at all’!

Perhaps their answer: ‘oh, you thought we were science! No, we’re not science, we’re science.’

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