Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogger Fun with the AANP - 'Science & Profession, Huh?!' (part 1):

so, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [AANP] have a blog titled "Physicians Who Care" [PWC], and I asked a simple question there:

001. in the AANP PWC post "Diversity and the Changing Face of Naturopathic Medicine", Alschuler, L. (ND Bastyr) states:

"it is true that with each passing year, I find myself settling a little further back into the proverbial armchair and surveying the profession [...] for many years, I have been alternatively disappointed and alarmed and [sp., at!] the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the naturopathic profession [...] it only makes sense that the naturopathic profession, as a part of its inexorable emergence, embrace diversity [...] naturopathic medicine, itself, is color blind."

Note: we have naturopathy's 'of the professions status' claim GALORE, and a "color blind" claim. 

"Emerson Ecologics looks to bring quality and education within the industry to a new level with Dr. Alschuler's leadership and experience [...] Emerson Ecologics, LLC announces the addition of Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO to the newly created role of Vice President, Quality and Education [...] Dr. Alschuler is currently president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. 'Lise is passionate about education and quality,' said Fran Towey, CEO of Emerson Ecologics. 'Combined with her experience, she will confirm Emerson's position as a pioneer in the industry for the advancement of quality and education. We are very fortunate to have such an accomplished and recognized professional join our team.'"

So, we have the label again of 'of the professions', and we have this emphasis on education and quality GALORE.

002. well, I asked simply this, in my comment:

"'per: 'naturopathic medicine [...] is color blind.' Might naturopathy also be blind to the parameters of science?" -r.c. naturocrit."

003 because:

naturopathy is not a profession [when exploitative, manipulative & kind] and is blind to the preponderant parameters of science [truly pseudoscientific, sectarian & kind].   In past posts and complants to governing bodies, I've covered this.  

It's as simple as this: ND granting schools falsely label the nonscientific and science-ejected as science.  They are members of the governing AANP, who sets the epistemological perspective and doctrinal creed overarching naturopathy.  How, therein, is the AANP president an expert in education when AANP education is ABSURD?

"Physicians Who Care?"  I don't think so.  What's the point in going to someone who claims the status of physician and 'science-based', and their science is allowed to be ANYTHING?

Scary.  And I say that as a former UBCNM [an AANP school] ND student.

Perhaps, instead of surveying this supposed 'science-based profession', the AANP president should survey what actual science and professionalism are [oh, snap!].

004. just in case my comment or the entire blogpost disappear, I've screencaptured:

005. by the way:

it is AANP & company  whose false descriptors induced me into studying naturopathy at UB.  Naturopathy was labeled 'science not belief' when in fact it is 'nonscientific and belief-centered'.  And UB, to this day, still falsely labels naturopathy science and nonsectarian, when in fact naturopathy is centered upon the science ejected sectarian.
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