Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 UK Anti-Homeopathy Campaign:

Consumer Health Digest [2009-12-24 (#09-52)] has announced / relays this message:

"skeptics in the United Kingdom have announced their intention to raise public awareness that homeopathy is quackery. The campaign will launch early in 2010. People who wish to join or monitor the campaign can register on ."

Note: homeopathy is, of course, part of naturopathy's absurdity (e.g.: here, here).

002. at that link, we're told:

"homeopathy is a pre-scientific and absurd pseudoscience. Yet it persists today as an accepted complementary medicine, largely because people don't know what it is. The 10:23 Campaign aims to show the public what homeopathy is and explain how we know it doesn't work. It will launch in early 2010.

Note: the campaign,  '10 to the 23rd', has the motto "Homeopathy: There's Nothing In It".  The name of the campaign seems to be an abbreviation for 'Avogadro's Number' which is often quantified as 6.022 x

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