Tuesday, December 8, 2009

University of Bridgeport's "Health Science" Advertising 02 [pictoral] - 2009-12:

here, I share a picture I took today along I-95 in Stratford, CT of a billboard advertising the University of Bridgeport's “Health Science” division [see 001., below]. Now, it may shock the uniformed to know that: a) within this supposed “science” category, UB includes naturopathy [see 002., below] because b) naturopathy has, as 'it's essential worldview', a context exterior to science since naturopathy REQUIRES -- by its own definition -- the science-ejected concepts of vitalism [see 003., below] and supernaturalism [see 004., below]. So, WOW [see 005., below]:

001. this is a shot I just took this afternoon along I-95 in Stratford, CT with my Pentax K-1000 [go chemical image media!; sorry for the support wires, but this was the safe way to get the shot, as opposed to roadside]:

Note: it says "UBelong Here.  www.bridgeport.edu. UB.  Our degrees in Health Science make everyone feel better.  University of Bridgeport.  Opening doors.  Building futures."

002. here is where UB includes naturopathy in their "science" academic category, stating in "UB Spotlight: Health Sciences Programs":

"the University's professionally accredited health sciences programs are housed in the Fones School of Dental Hygiene, the College of Chiropractic, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, the Acupuncture Institute, and the Nutrition Institute."

Note: we have the claim that naturopathy is ethically 'of the professions' and epistemically of 'science'.

003. UB states, explictly, the science-ejected concept of vitalism that undergirds naturopathy ESSENTIALLY here, in "Six Guiding Principles.  Guiding Principle # 1. The Healing Power of Nature":

"nature heals through the response of the life force. The physician's role is to facilitate and augment this process."

Note: if anyone is in doubt about naturopathy's essential science-ejected vitalism, visit their primary textbook's sample chapter here. Page 30 has the gem statement: "Dr. Sensenig presented 'Back to the Future: Reintroducing Vitalism as a New Paradigm'".  Dr. S. was my teacher at UB, the founding dean of that naturopathy school, and the founding president of the AANP.  Here are Sensenig's notes equating this "life force" with the notion of 'god power within' -- an article of faith that I've termed autoentheism.

004. and, of course, supernaturalism runs rampant in naturopathy, supposedly a "science" here, in "A Systems Approach to Wellness [by] Joseph Pizzorno N.D.":

"the routes to total wellness [...per our] seven underlying, health-sustaining systems of our body [...include] our life-force (or spirit) [...] the vis medicatrix naturae (life-force) deep within us."

Note: notice how the science-ejected concept of vitalism equated with supernaturalism, by JEP, the don of naturopathy per his self-label as "one of the world's leading authorities on science-based natural medicine".  And supernaturalism is science-ejected.

005. so, my response to this "science" label upon naturopathy is UB is WOW:

as in "Danger, Will Robinson, unethical sectarian pseudoscience."  How do they get away with this?

What's rather ironic about his whole this is the name "Barrett" in the billboard.  Barrett, in another context, has much to say about these "muddleheads".

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