Monday, February 15, 2010

CAM's Essential Vitalism: Apologist Beyer, J.H. (? ?):

Beyer, J.H. (? ?) writes in The Minnesota Daily's "Alternative Medicine is Complementary, Not Quackery" (2010-02-15):

"Dr. Renee Wellhouse [whom we are not told is, apparently, a naturopath] looked into my eyes and diagnosed me with a hormonal imbalance [...per] iridology, an ancient [!!!] complementary alternative medicine technique linking colorations in the iris to specific organs or areas of the body that are overactive or distressed [...] CAM is intuitive [...] a fundamental difference between many CAM and Western approaches is the recognition of an immeasurable life force."

Note: iridology simply doesn't work.  Such diagnostics, based on intuition, are wacko.  And there is no such thing by definition as an "immeasurable life force."
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