Thursday, February 25, 2010

Colquhoun on Homeopathy & Trees, and an ND's Tree Iridology:

here, I quote from eminent UK pharmacologist Colquhoun about homeopathy's ridiculousness [see 001., below]; and then I quote from a Canadian ND who uses tree essences and iridology at what is labeled a "Health Science" school [see 002., below]:

001. David Colquhoun, "Research Professor of Pharmacology, UCL" states in answer to the question "Should the NHS Fund Homeopathy?" (2010-02-26):

"no [...] the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee’s report restores one’s faith in reason [...per finding] that there was no reason to believe that homeopathic pills had more effect than a placebo, therefore they should not be paid for by the NHS and neither was more research justified [...] most of the medicines contain no medicine whatsoever. Zero, zilch, nothing. That’s why they are placebos [...and] homeopathy also involves the preposterous idea that the more you dilute a remedy, the stronger it gets [...] homeopaths misrepresent the evidence [ is] a dishonest placebo [...] homeopathy is on a par with talking to trees. No decent health service should pay for it."

 Note: the connection with  trees piqued my curiosity, so I did a search of 'naturopathic and trees'.

002. here's an ND that uses "tree essences", and she writes:

"Dr. Magda practices integrated naturopathic medicine and teaches the full spectrum of such an approach in all subjects she teaches at the International Academy of Health Sciences, where she is the Director of Iridology and Nutritional Studies. In particular she teaches the use of Canadian Forest Tree essences within the parameters of an iridology practitioner in her emotional iridology programs."

Note: hmmmmm.

002.b. in "About Us":

"'trees speak' [...] trees collect energy [...] in China one name for this energy is 'chi' and in Indian yoga it is called 'prana' [...] life energy [...] prana [...] 'factor x' [...]  an unbeknown energy factor [...] essences are a way of recording the energy impressions or memory of trees. They are vibrational in nature [...] each tree has its unique song. As when you are with a tree, feeling connected, nourished in its presence, so when you ingest an essence you are in effect listening to the music of a tree."

Note: so, iridology, vitalism, and tree talking = naturopathy!
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