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NDs as Primary Care Physicians - Ontario's Udell, Rudy, Rose and 'Nonscience Science' Nonsense:

here, I quote from a recent [apparent] press release labeling naturopaths PCPs [see 001., below; this label contradicts language in my last post at Naturocrit from "naturopathic oncologist" Rubin et al.!]; I then visit the current web page of that ND Udell and her partner ND Rudy [see 002., below]; and then I point out the huge absurdity of naturopathy through their oversight entities [see 003. and 004., below]:
001. the Packet and Times reports in "Udell Opens New Clinic: Naturopathic Medicine":

"naturopathic doctors are primary-care physicians [PCP] that treat all types of health concerns ranging from prevention of disease, to acute conditions, to treatment of chronic illnesses [...ND] Alison Udell would like to announce her new clinic location at the Murlyn Health Center, located at 19 Albert St. N. in Orillia. Udell obtained her honors bachelor of science degree from the University of Guelph before attending the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, where she graduated as a naturopathic doctor (ND) [in 2009]."

Note: so, we have the claim of PCP, that all things medical / health are treated. We also have the mention of a science background, which as a bachelors isn't that impressive, but it means something.  You might think that a person with a B.S.[?] would at least know what ISN'T science [like vitalism], or at least know how to find out such from national and international science organizations and sources.  In other words, you'd at least think there'd be a modicum of due diligence.

002. at Midhurst Natural Health Clinic, NDs Udell, A. (ND CCNM 2009) and Rudy, A. (ND CCNM) state:

002.a. in "Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2010-03-07]:

"the following are the general principles that provide the basic framework of which naturopathic medicine is built on: first, to do no harm; to treat the causes of disease; to teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine; to heal the whole person through individualized treatment; to emphasize prevention; to support the healing power of the body [aka HPN, therein coded vitalism...] naturopathic doctors must have a minimum of 3 years of university education including the required pre-medical sciences [...] in order to gain a license to practice naturopathic medicine in Ontario they must successfully complete the North American board exams and the provincial board exams [...] the naturopathic medical program is a four year full time program with much of the same curriculum that is covered in conventional medical schools [BULLSHIT!!!]. NDs are therefore trained in the medical sciences, pathology of disease, lab and blood work, pharmacology, and physical exams in addition to the unique naturopathic ways of diagnosing and treating disease [...] ND’s often use the ancient art of Chinese medicine to diagnose and treat disease [TCM] in addition to using [...] homeopathy [...] naturopathic medicine can be effective to help prevent and treat many chronic and acute diseases [PCPing!]."

Note: the principles that naturopathy is couched within, on this page, are presented in simplistic [deceptive!], naturalistic language [when essentially NOT such].  I decode the sixth principle HPN in 003. below because it is not explained contextually at all.  Science is claimed as a prerequisite, indicating a posture of 'scientific mindedness' as a requirement for naturopathy, then naturopathy is posed as a 'typical medical school science education'.  And there is emphasis of board examinations as icing on all of this. Homeopathy and TCM's essential premises I'll discuss in 003., because such is intimately linked to HPN.  Homeopathy, of course, is sheer bunk -- falsely labeled clinical science on that NPLEX board exam!  And TCM is a form of Oriental prescientific thinking. And of course there's a PCP claim.

002.b. in "Our Team":

002.b1. Rudy states:

"Andrea Rudy is regulated by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy - Naturopathy (BDDT-N) and is a member of the following professional associations: Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)."

Note: these ND affiliations and their requisite beliefs get fleshed out in 003., since it is an overarching ND preponderance that exposes the sectarian underpinnings of naturopathy.

002.b2. Udell states:

"Alison Udell [is a] naturopathic doctor. Alison Udell obtained her honors bachelor of science [...] from the University of Guelph [...] she attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) where she graduated in 2009 as a naturopathic doctor (ND) [...] at CCNM she completed an internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic [...including] a specialty shift in pediatrics [...and] treat[ed] adults with varying health issues [a PCP claim...] Alison believes that disease results from an imbalance between the mind, body and spirit [whatever that means!...] her treatment goal is to address where the imbalance lies [...the] naturopathic modalities Alison focuses on [...include] homeopathy [and] traditional Chinese medicine / acupuncture [...] NDs are primary care physicians [a PCP claim...and are] health care professionals."

Note: there is again a science association.  Now, this ND belief is body-mind-spirit is itself a representation, in my view, of what I will flesh out in 003., below. We also get the 'naturopathy PCP claim',  and an 'of the professions' claim.

003. some decoding through OAND and CAND of naturopathy's "healing power of the body" / HPN principle / framework / context:

003.a. at OAND, we are told in “Homeopathy: An ND’s Perspective” (Natural Path, Winter 2002) [vsc 2010-03-07]:

"[per Rose, Z. (ND CCNM), who also hosts this article here] the [homeopathic] remedy then stimulates the body to heal itself. It does this by supporting the 'vital force' of the person. Hahnemann described this vital force as the energy that animates all living things [p.006…] when an imbalance occurs (Hahnemann refers to this as a disturbance in the person’s vital force), symptoms, signs or susceptibilities appear [p.007].”

Note: we are also told by OAND that the label overarching all of this is "science" in that same OAND article per "Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and chemist, discovered and developed homeopathy into a science [...] has homeopathy been scientifically proven? The short answer is yes."  OAND also states, in a 2009 item, that "science-based, safe and effective, patient-centered care are at the heart of all ND care" [vsc 2010-03-08].

At Rose's own web page, we are told naturopathy is professional and scientific per "About Zorana Rose ND" that "Zorana Rose ND provides a truly integrative form of health care to complement and enhance services provided by other health care professionals. She cooperates with other branches of medical science."  She also postures PCPing, via her "Professional Development".

003.b. at CAND, we are told in "Questions: All Questions" [vsc 2010-03-07]:

"naturopathic doctors use a variety of non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical treatments. All naturopathic doctors in Canada are trained and licensed in the following natural therapies [...] homeopathic remedies are minute dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances designed to stimulate the body's 'vital force' and strengthen its innate ability to heal. Traditional Chinese medicine / acupuncture [is] based on balancing the flow of chi (energy) through meridian pathways under the skin, Oriental medicine includes the use of Oriental herbs and acupuncture to regulate and release chi in order to bring the body into balance."

Note: we are also told, on the same page, that the label overarching all of this science-ejected vitalism is science per "naturopathic diagnosis and therapeutics [and principles!] are supported by scientific research."  And CAND, in a 2007 press release [vsc 2010-03-08], stated "naturopathic doctors are primary health care providers with 7 years post-secondary education that practice safe, effective, science-based natural health care."

004. naturopathy's basic / fundamental / defining vitalistic premise is IN FACT science-ejected:

so, what other supposed 'profession' does this: bases itself on a HUGE absurdity / irrationality [e.g., that the scientific is the completely science-ejected], and hides its actual context? 

And what kind of regulatory entity incompetence or possible legal gaps allow such deception to continue, both in terms of education and practice?
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