Sunday, April 25, 2010

CFI-Canada's CASS Trashes Homeopathy [yes!]

here, I cite from a recent National Post [Canada] article looking at homeopathy-the-absurdity from the point of view of scientific skepticism:

Mitchell Gerskup, Ryan Gray, Michael Kruse, Iain Martel, and Justin Trottier state in "A Vestige of the 18th Century" (2010-04-20):

"Hahnemann [...invented] homeopathy [...about 1800 and it] still doesn't work [...] Hahnemann termed the contemporary practice of humoral medicine 'allopathy' [...and] he suggested that disease should be treated [...instead with] homeopathy [...wherein] there is none of the original ingredient left in the solution [ is] a prescientific (or at best protoscientific) point of view [ is] prescientific thinking [ is] a lot like magic [...within an] 18th-century quasiscientific context which became outmoded as modern science grew in its proficiency [ is] archaic [...and upon] the dustbin of science [and therein TRASHED! is] based upon the antiquated notion of 'vitalism' (the idea that a life-force, or spirit, dwells within the body and can be manipulated to improve health [...homeopathy and vitalism were] abandoned by physicians and researchers [...along with other methods] based upon vitalism [...from the] 18th and 19th century [...] the National Council Against Health Fraud [...] has stated that 'homeopathy meets the dictionary definitions of a sect and a cult' [...] the authors are members of the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism [CASS] and the Center For Inquiry-Canada [CFI-Canada]."

Note: by extension, this article encompasses naturopathy, since naturopathy requires homeopathy in its educational and board examination processes -- all across North America (AANP, CAND).  And that sectarian system falsely claims homeopathy is a clinical science.  Also, since allopathy was a term for medicine of the mid- to late- 1700s, it is not accurate to call today's medicine allopathy.  That is akin to calling today's chemistry alchemy, or today's astronomy astrology.  But, NDs use that inaccurate label ALL THE TIME.
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