Friday, April 2, 2010

Naturopaths Actually Can Be Disciplined For Unprofessional Conduct?

here, a bizarre case of naturopathic professional misconduct, as reported by the State of Washington Department of Health in "State Disciplines Health Care Providers"(2010-04-02):
"in February 2010 the Naturopathy Program [whatever that is] charged Kristi D. Tompkins (NT00001626) with unprofessional conduct. While working as a caregiver, she allegedly left a patient alone for several hours before her shift was set to end and wasn’t available when the patient awoke with extreme pain."

Note: I don't get it.  If some aspect of professional conduct applies to naturopathy, how then is naturopathy able to get away with the complete and utter unprofessional falsehood of context that defines naturopathy?  What a sweetheart arrangement.
I am sorry that someone felt pain for a while.  What about those who went down the ND rabbit hole and now will suffer six-digit debt for life -- built upon the falsehood known as naturopathy
I image the State of Washington saying:
"forget the huge naturopathic unprofessionalism that essentially defines naturopathy, its the little things they can nab us on -- after all, we endorsed them."
Someone explain to me the regulatory charity that the ND establishment is marinating in!
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