Monday, April 19, 2010

A Nice Find -- UB Advirtising Naturopathy as a Science It Fundamentally Isn't, 2003:

here, I cite from a kind of commerce activity that results in people being harmed - false advertising circa 2003 by UB in Vegetarian Times in relation to its naturopathy program [see 001., below], and then I show the kind of nonsense UB falsely labels as science currently [see 002., below]:

001. the University of Bridgeport writes in "College of Naturopathic Medicine" (Vegetarian Times, 2003-02)[sc 2010-04-19]:

"a doctor of naturopathic medicine degree [...within the] University of Bridgeport, Division of Health Sciences [...which is within] a traditional university [p.078...] healthcare career plans [...] the chiropractic and naturopathic colleges at the University of Bridgeport are the country's first and only university-based colleges [p.081]."

Note: even in the mid-to-late 1990s, the 'typical university science' context was placed upon naturopathy by UB.

002. but, what do you really get?

002.a. well, right now you still get that label of science upon naturopathy [vsc 2010-04-19].

002.b. and, still, it is placed upon the essentially naturopathic science-ejected, e.g. see "life force" in:

LoBisco, S. (ND UBCNM) [vsc 2010-04-19].
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