Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randi on World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2010:

James Randi states in the recent Youtube video "Randi Speaks - Homeopathy Week 2010":

"hello, I'm James Randi and I'm here to help celebrate World Homeopathy Awareness Week [...] the delusion known as homeopathy [...] that variety of quackery [...] well if it's awareness that the homeopathic community wants, then by all means lets promote that awareness [...] there is no stranger idea than the [so-called!] science  that Samuel Hahnemann came up with some 200 years ago [...] it's all a matter of vibrations, you see [...which is] acceptable to the suckers out there [...] homeopathy has been tested, and tested and tested for more than a century now [ is] ancient nonsense [...that when tested rigorously] failed dramatically  [...] it doesn't work, it's a fake [...] quackery, nonsense, fraud [...] bullshit."

Note: nicely done.
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