Monday, April 12, 2010

World Homeopathy Awareness Week! Irrationality Awareness Week!

here, I call attention to World Homeopathy Awareness Week [WHAW], and link it up to naturopathy:

001. the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization [WHAO] states:

001.a. at their homepage:

"WHAW starts with the week of April 10-16, 2010 [...] the theme for 2010 is homeopathy and mental well-being."

Note: seems homeopathy is claiming some kind of expertise regarding 'mental wellness.'  But what if the entire homeopathic enterprise, contextually, is irrational [as it is]?

"homeopathy is a science, founded on the basis of rigid experimentation [...] homeopathy is an ever changing ever growing science."

Note: seems homeopathy is claiming some expertise regarding what science is, too.  This is quite similar to the North American naturopathic board exam stating that homeopathy is a clinical science.
 Meanwhile, homeopathy has been recently SO scientifically rejected that it is difficult to imagine homeopathy ever recovering whatever charity it was clinging to [much like other rejected and archaic medical ideas, like humorism -- onto the trash-heap you go].  
Homeopathy's position is, in my view, quite irrational these days.  Though scientifically trounced, homeopaths demand the science label [can you say 'the essentially naturopathic!'].   They speak of mental well-being, but can't stop clinging to that obsessive position.
The North American naturopaths have been quite SILENT about this HUGE 'homeopathy has been blown out of the water' development, and I'll spell out maybe why: a recent UK review finds homeopathy to be bunk, but for naturopathy bunk is science -- in the classroom, on board exams, clinically [if you follow 'the education of a naturopath'].
Homeopathy is merely one aspect of naturopathy's bunk is science.

Here's an example of some HUGE OVERARCHING BUNK that is at the heart of naturopathy ['vitalism as science'; essentially, falsely claiming that the science-ejected for decades and hundreds of years is "in fact" current science; sc 2010-04-12]:

Falsely labeled science [vsc 2010-04-12], for how many decades now?
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