Saturday, May 1, 2010

Andy Lewis on Integrative Medicine: Quackery, Pseudo-medicine and Anti-scientific Nonsense

the Quackometer [Andy Lewis] writes in "Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health Closes" (2010-05-01):

"as predicted last week, Prince Charles Charity has closed amid claims of fraud, money laundering and misuse of charity status [ promoted] quackery, University courses in nonsense and increased use of magic medicine in the NHS [...] the concept of integrated medicine is a trojan horse. Strip away the cosy rhetoric of caring for the 'whole person' and what you find is a payload of quackery, pseudo-medicine and anti-scientific nonsense. The FIH has been notorious for promoting absurd treatments including homeopathy, reiki and acupuncture despite the evidence overwhelming suggesting these are useless treatments [...this] has been a menace to the public understanding of science and its role in healthcare. It will not be missed by all those who care about science, reason and good health."

Note: great news.

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