Thursday, May 20, 2010

ARL's Promotion of Absurdity: Hyman's Naturopathy in HuffPo

"by following the basic principles of naturopathy [NM, which is] taking out the 'bad stuff' and putting in the 'good stuff' [etc. (huh?)...] for health insight, science, and action alerts, and radio programs with health experts, please sign up at: [...] 'we need to change legislative policy to match the new science' Hyman noted [...e.g.] 'functional medicine' [FM and NM!] the systemic approach Hyman practices [...e.g.] mercury [...and] children with autism [...he says] the [causative!] toxins aren't stored in the blood [...]  'they're stored in the tissues, and are best diagnosed with a challenge test' [...] 'this new health care model' [...] 'we don't have evidence based medicine, we have reimbursement based medicine' [...] conventional practice is selective in its willingness to look at the real evidence [...while] conventional medical science shuns empirical clinical evidence while favoring double-blind studies [...] 'we're in the middle of a scientific transformation as great as in Galileo's' [...] 'the way we think about medicine is all wrong.'"

Note: that representation of naturopathy is quite useless.  I offer this representation instead: the basic principle of naturopathy is to employ the label "health science" especially on sectarian junk that isn't and then engage in commerce under such false labels.  ARL claims to be a source for science and journalism, but this 'new science' of Hyman's per 'naturopathy as science' is quite bogus.  So, I'd be careful.  Obviously, FM and NM are being equated, and therein FM is bogus:  heavy metals are hugely not supported as the issue in childhood autism, and the chelation challenge that FM uses is known to be quite an unreliable false positive swindle.  I'm enjoying the wacko statements.  Advice to 'CEOs of own healths': don't run your company into the ground with this nonsense.
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