Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can Something Survive, Of Our Dignity?

here, I muse:

001. I've copiously illustrated how naturopathy in North America is hugely fraudulent.  Not only are education consumers ripped off, so are clinical customers.  Hilariously, I've stated those two crowds' relationship with naturo. in commerce terms, but, the public actually has more rights than that. The public engages with naturopathy with the assumption that naturopathy fulfills the higher ethical standards of professionalism, as per naturopathy's labels.

002. the next question that comes to mind is "how do we survive this huge injustice, while remaining virtuous?"  The simple answer: I do not know.

003. what would my heroes do?

I know. My heroes win the day.  With force.  Yet, they are right.  I do not know how to do that kind of simultaneous 'goodness': I could be forceful, but that requires violence.

Violence by definition is not virtuous.

Suggestions are welcome.

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