Friday, May 7, 2010

Naturopathy As Coded Cultic Pseudoscientific 'Thought Reform' - BINM 2010 Homepage:

here, I quote from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine's [BINM] homepage and its rather peculiar "thought reform" like language:

001. BINM states at their homepage [vsc 2010-05-07]: 

"the naturopathic physician of tomorrow [...] will have a passionate belief in the efficacy of complementary medicine [...and they speak of] ethical ideal [...] to make a difference [...] practicing what we preach [...] a cultural transformation [...] the inherent worth and dignity of our common humanity [...] the natural healing power of the body, mind and spirit [coded vitalism...] to go forward, immersed in science."

Note: let's examine that language.

002. is this the language of "thought reform?"

talk of "tomorrow," "difference" and "cultural transformation" remind me of the language of Scientology and other proselytizing religions.  There is "belief," "preach," "ideal" and "spirit", which further reminds me of the religious / belief systems that PRESSURE. Science is posed as the context.  Now, naturopathy's "healing power" is a coding for their vitalistic science-ejected figment. The supernaturalism is science-exterior as well. So, what I take out of this: some kind of cultic-like / mindframe mission / flavor, a huge lack of transparency concerning the 'essentially naturopathic sectarian,' all falsely posed as science.  Therein, I think this is harmful stuff, though societal concern is equally postured.
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