Saturday, May 29, 2010

Naturopathy's 'Witchcraft & Disgrace': Homeopathy

here, I extend recent comments by UK doctors concerning homeopathy onto North American naturopathy [see 001., below]; which absurdly labels nonscience as science, particularly homeopathy [see 002., below]:

001.a. the Telegraph's Donnelly, L. (? ?) writes in "Homeopathy is Witchcraft, Say Doctors"(2010-05-15):

"hundreds of members of the BMA have passed a motion denouncing the use of the alternative medicine [homeopathy!], saying taxpayers should not foot the bill for remedies with no scientific basis to support them [yes they shouldn't!...] the BMA has previously expressed skepticism about homeopathy [!...] the annual conference of junior doctors has gone further, with a vote overwhelmingly supporting a blanket ban, and an end to all placements for trainee doctors which teach them homeopathic principles. Dr Tom Dolphin, deputy chairman of the BMA's junior doctors committee in England told the conference: 'homeopathy is witchcraft. It is a disgrace' [...homeopathy's central concepts are] dismissed by scientists [...based on] principles which had no place in science [...] the motion was supported by BMA Chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum [...] the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain said there was no possible reason why such treatments [...] could be effective scientifically."

Note: so, homeopathy is regarded preponderantly as 'nonscientific,' "witchcraft," and a "disgrace."

001.b. that British Medical Association meeting, "Junior Doctors Conference 2010: Motion 81," is available here [4:55:30 to 4:58:43].

002. naturopathy's absurd claim that homeopathy is science [really]:

002.a. see Nortman, D. (ND CCNM) who states in "This is Why Homeopaths Emphasize Clinical Results Over Theory":

"classical homeopathy is first and foremost a clinical science."
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