Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PZ Myers Slams ND Maloney as a Quack and Kook [again]:

PZ Myers at Pharyngula writes in "Christopher Maloney is still a QUACK!" (2010-05-04):

"[the category is kooks] Maloney is the naturopath in Maine who makes inflated claims about the efficacy of his magic drugs [...] he's still complaining [...] and he's still making stuff up elsewhere [...] he has a page warning the world about me and you readers: 'the infamous PZ Myers asked those who visit his blog to repeat this message all over the internet [...] I have spent considerable time answering questions at both PZ Myers site and Dr. Novella's sister site. Dr. Novella acts as the 'brain trust' and 'spanks' anyone who questions PZ Myers' [...] Christopher Maloney is a quack [...]  I did not retract anything I said about him: he is a quack. Steve Novella is not my servant; I'm sure he'd laugh at the idea that he supports me unquestioningly. Novella dropped the evidence bomb on Maloney, nothing more. I guess I'll just have to be kind and reply by boosting Maloney's reputation on Google as a quack a little more."

Note: should be interesting to see what Dr. Novella writes about this.
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