Saturday, June 12, 2010

AMA and State of Alaska on Naturopathy's Essential Vitalism and "E-3.01 Nonscientific Practitioners"

here, I quote from the "AMA Scope of Practice Data Series: Naturopaths" (2009-09) document as hosted by the State of Alaska:

"[r.e. the] principles of naturopathy […] students in naturopathy schools world-wide are taught to abide by these principles: [#1] first do no harm […] illness is a purposeful process of the organism.  The process of healing includes the generations of symptoms that are, in fact, an expression of the life force […] the vis mediatrix [sp., medicatrix] naturae, the healing power of nature […#2] the healing power of nature (vis mediatrix [sp., medicatrix] naturae) [...] the healing process is ordered and intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force. The naturopathic physician’s role is to facilitate this process [p.007...] therapies involving these putative energy fields are based on the concept that human beings are infused with a subtle form of energy.  This vital energy or life force in known by different names in different cultures, such as qi […] the vital energy or life force [p.012...] many naturopathic treatment modalities are not scientifically supported; yet practitioners of naturopathy continue to offer patients such treatments. Such behavior would not be tolerated in the practice of medicine. Care that is not premised on scientific evidence, and for which the patient is not informed of its experimental nature, would be considered unethical by the standards of the medical profession. Specifically, AMA Ethical Opinion E-3.01 states: 'it is unethical to engage in or to aid and abet in treatment which has no scientific basis and is dangerous, is calculated to deceive the patient by giving false hope, or which may cause the patient to delay in seeking proper care' [p.006...] the Massachusetts minority report also notes that the medical code of ethics precludes physicians from collaborating with unscientific practitioners, such as naturopaths [p.018].'"

Note: hear, hear. Processes in the body are essentially based upon cause and effect, not purpose and not intelligence.  This is teleology / goal-orientedness, and it often accompanies vitalism.  Both are science-ejected.  Ah, the old 'in fact life force' aka vis medicatrix naturae 'purposeful life spirit' science-ejected sectarian premise. AMA has spelled medicatrix wrong, as mediatrix [but hey].  And of course, unethics!  I have often labeled naturopathy "an unethical sectarian pseudoscience."  It's great to see some skeptics being referenced, including Atwood and DeAngelis.

I actually thing AMA is being rather kind: when in fact naturopathy's premises are science-ejected, and naturopathy is still engaging with the public under the false label of science, there's a whole-lot-o'-thievery going on.

I'm going to hazard that there is quite a collision forthcoming, and hopefully no more states will grand ND/NMD licensure to these whack-a-loons.

Perhaps some justice may happen for all those education consumers whom naturopathy had deceived.

The Alaska Association of Naturopathic Physicians' homepage is here.
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