Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NMD Marcantel on Naturopathic / Integrative "Knowledge": Empowerment! E.g., Homeopathy the "Pharmaceutical Science"

here, I cite from a Youtube video by NMD Marcantel which speaks of 'empowering you with naturopathic knowledge' [see 001, below]; then, I visit her practice web pages where we're told that NMDs' science is 'typical' and they'll again empower you [see 002.a., below]; and, we're told that homeopathy is a science [see 002.b. and 002.d.]; and get a glimpse of naturopathy's underlying science-ejected vitalism [see 002.c. and 002.d.]:

001. Marcantel, T. (NMD SCNM 2003) states in "Meet Dr. Tina Marcantel, Naturopathic Physician" [vsc 2010-06-09]:

"'I practice integrative medicine [...] or naturopathic medicine [...] I believe passionately in integrative healthcare [...]  I've been a healthcare professional for over twenty years [...I'm] a licensed naturopathic physician [...] I'd like to take a few moments to share with you my philosophy about the practice of medicine [...] there are four guiding principles I like to use when working with patients [...#3] I will empower you with knowledge [no mention of naturopathy's essential vitalistic underpinning...] let's talk about these key points [...] it is necessary that we establish a relationship based on trust between the Dr. and patient [...] I'll empower you with knowledge [...subtitle] empowerment through knowledge [...] another of the underlying principles of naturopathic medicine is the Dr. as teacher [...] I want to teach you how your body operates [...]'"

Note: naturopathy's actually premise is not mentioned ['the Vis'] WHILE we are promised empowering knowledge.  That seems like a little cruel.  How can we make a truly informed decision?  Trust?  Professional?  Ah, the sectarian underpinnings that dare not speak their name.

002. at, we're told:

002.a. in "What is a Naturopathic Physician?"[vsc 2010-06-09]:

"naturopathic physicians (NMD’s) are primary care physicians clinically trained in conventional medical sciences with an emphasis on preventative care [...] in natural medicine the doctor seeks to teach and empower each person [...] in Arizona, naturopathic doctors are licensed and regulated by the State of Arizona Naturopathic Board of Medical Examiners. Physicians must have graduated from an accredited four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical school and pass national board examinations [NPLEX]. The scope of practice in Arizona includes [...] homeopathy, acupuncture [...] and other modalities."

Note: ah, the promise that 'this is still regular science' and 'teaching and empowering' again.  NPLEX itself labels homeopathy "clinical science."

002.b. in "F.A.Q."[vsc 2010-06-09]:

"what is a naturopathic physician? Naturopathic physicians (NMD’s) are primary care physicians clinically trained in conventional medical sciences with an emphasis on preventative care [...] What is 'homeopathy'? Homeopathic medicine is a natural pharmaceutical science."

Note: again, science.

002.c. in "Acupuncture" [vsc 2010-06-09]:

"acupuncture is a health science used to treat pain and other dysfunctions in the body. This science began in China and has been used as a medical treatment for over 2,500 years [...] how does acupuncture work? The human body’s energy (call the 'chi' in Chinese medicine) flows through meridians or channels that are normally balanced. The meridians can be likened to the flow of blood through the meridian blood vessels. If a disruption of energy flow exists, it can affect the entire body system, producing pain or symptoms throughout different areas of the body. Correction of this delicate balance corrects the body’s dysfunction or problem."

Note: there's some underlying science-unsupported science-ejected vitalism [remember when we were told that we'd be empowered with knowledge, and NMD's study regular science?  Well, science has excluded such vitalistic figmentation for several decades, charitably speaking] falsely labeled science.  This reminds me of the University of Bridgeport claim that within a division of health science is both naturopathy and acupuncture.

002.d. in "Homeopathy" [vsc 2010-06-09]:

"Homeopathy: A Little Dose Goes a Long Way [...] homeopathic medicine is a natural pharmaceutical science [...] the remedies stimulate the person’s immune system [bull...] immunization is also based on the principle of similars [bull...] the remedies used in homeopathy are very diluted. Paradoxically, the more dilute the remedies are, the more effectively they work. Although homeopathic medicines may be so dilute as not to have any molecules of the original substance, an energy or essence of the substance remains."

Note: so, a science label placed upon the energetic vitalistic science-ejected.  Typical for naturopathy.  Also typical is the warping of immunization into something that supports homeopathic figmentation -- when it doesn't actually. Gimpy has posted about the lack of EVERYTHING concerning homeopathy.

003. empowering?  

No.  Knowledge that is not factually correct is not empowering.  Engaging in commerce in such a manner, well...we know what that is.
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