Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NY MD Whitmont's 'Homeopathy is Science' Absurdity

001. the Epoch Times's "The Greening of Medicine: Part 2" [2010-06-30, vsc 2010-06-30] by Whitmont, R.D. (MD ) states:

"scientific disciplines like homeopathy [etc....] the scientific principle known as the Law of the Minimum Dose."

Note: if homeopathy is scientific, so is astrology.

002. Whitmont's own web site states in "Homeopathy With a Special Focus on Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases" [vsc 2010-06-30]:

"the homeopathic treatment of disease included consideration the underlying causes of that affected the health promoting energies of the body. Hahnemann called this the 'vital force'.This energy system which Hahnemann called the 'vital force' was postulated to act as a governor in the balance between health and illness. If this state of energy was disturbed, then the physical body became susceptible to infection, and disease as a secondary event. Hahnemann believed that homeopathic medicines were capable of redirecting and rebalancing this vital force as a way of assisting the body and regaining health."

Note: such an idea is, of course, science-ejected.
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