Friday, July 9, 2010

Dana Ullman on Naturopathy's Essential Vitalism - HuffPo 2010-07-07

homeopath Dana Ullman writes in "Energy Medicine: Futuristic Healing With Ancient Roots" (2010-07-07) at the Huffington Post:

"this invisible yet ubiquitous self-healing/self-regulating system or field within the organism has been given various names at different times in history and in different cultures. Hippocrates called it 'physis' (from which the word 'physician' was derived); Paracelsus called it 'archeus'; the modern-day scientist and discoverer of vitamin C, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, called it 'syntropy' (which he defines as 'the drive in matter to perfect itself'); the Chinese have referred to it as 'ch'i'; the yogis as 'prana'; homeopathic physicians -- 'vital force'; and naturopathic physicians -- 'vis medicatrix naturae' (translated as 'the healing power of nature') [...] like acupuncture and other energy systems of medicines, the heightened power and effect of those homeopathic medicines that have undergone greater potentizations (the process of serial dilution with vigorous shaking in-between dilutions) may be the result of what the homeopaths call the 'vital force' becoming sensitive to and resonant with the medicinal agent."

Note: ah, so many synonyms, and NO EVIDENCE.  An actual energy, field, or force is quite in evidence in science!
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