Thursday, September 30, 2010

CTCA's ND Kellman and the 'Coded Naturopathic Science-Ejected' - AANP Youtube Style

here, I cite from an American Association of Naturopathic Physician's [AANP] Youtube channel that opaquely explains naturopathy's essential premise [see 001., below]; then, I decode that so-often coded science-ejected premise through AANP and Cancer Treatment Centers of America web pages [see 002., below]:

001. the AANP's Executive Director Karen Howard has up on Youtube the video "Daniel Kellman, ND, FABNO, on 'Good Morning Texas' - Cancer Treatment (September 15, 2010)" [vsc 2010-09-28]:

"[interviewer Rob McCollum] when someone gets a cancer diagnosis, they want to do whatever they can to fight it.  Now that includes taking advantage of traditional treatments and naturopathic medicineDaniel Kellman is a naturopathic clinician at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Good to see you sir, welcome. [the ND] Nice to see you Rob. [McCollum] Thank you for driving in from Tulsa this morning.  So, tell me a little bit about what exactly naturopathic medicine is and how that can help reduce some of the side effects that come along with cancer treatments. [the ND] Well, naturopathic medicine uses what is called the healing power or nature or the vis medicatrix naturae [VMN] to restore and maintain health. [McCollum] Wait, say that again. [the ND] Vis medicatrix naturae, which is Latin for the healing power of nature.  And so we utilize that in cancer treatment to protect healthy tissues while patients are undergoing some of the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery  treatments [then some supplements are shown and talked about...and] acupuncture [...and] homeopathic medicines [ some slides for] Cancer Treatment Centers of America [are shown...McCollum] what kind of training to you have to have to become a naturopathic clinician? [...the ND] four years of undergraduate, four years of medical school [...] we have the training to keep people safe."

Note: notice that VMN was never really detailed.  In the interview, the interviewer then later referred to it as 'the body's systems.'  Well, that's the game NDs play, which I will detail in 002.  For ND Kellman's bio. at CTCA, click here [vsc 2010-09-30].

002. decoding what should have been transparently communicated to facilitate informed consent and accuracy in commercial advertising:

002.a. AANP:

002.a1. naturopathy's essential vitalism "vis" belief:

you can get a glimpse of the underlying vitalism [as in, usually, 'file under lying' -- as in 'lie of omission'] from the AANP's blog, such as ND Schor's "Letting Nature Heal"(2009-08-11)[vsc 2010-05-10] wherein he states:

"are we not supposed to be naturopaths and is not our goal supposed to be to stimulate the vital force or the vis medicatrix naturae [...] let me quote a respected medical writer on nature’s healing properties [...Hahnemann!] 'what the vital force does in these so-called crises and how it does it remains a mystery to us like all the internal operations of the organic vital economy.'"

Now, Schor is an NCNM graduate, and here's the essential vitalism of his alma mater.  Now, Schor received AANP's "Vis Award"[vsc 2010-09-30] in 2008, and he explains:
"at the 2008 annual convention of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Jacob Schor was both surprised and honored by his colleagues as the first recipient of the Vis Award [...] this award was created to honor those naturopathic doctors who have exhibited similar characteristics of service to their patients and commitment to living and practicing naturopathic medicine in accordance to what is called the 'vis medicatrix naturae' or healing force of nature.  The vis medicatrix naturae, or vis, is one of the fundamental principles that guides and distinguishes the practice of naturopathic medicine. The vis is the belief [yes, belief!] that every living being contains a 'life force'. When this force is given proper building blocks and freed from obstacles, each being will come to a state of ideal health and balance."

So, vitalism vitalism vitalism.  A belief.

002.a2. naturopathy's science claim [upon the vis, particularly]:

here's an archived AANP definition of naturopathy, circa 2006 [vsc 2010-09-30], which states, in terms of science, that their principles, including that all-important "vis", are based upon "objective observation" and are "continually reexamined in the light of scientific advances."

Note: that's quite a promise.  And you'll notice that even on that AANP page, there's no explicit / transparent explanation of 'the vis.'

002.a3. the science-ejected status of vitalism:

002.a4. 'we are irrational':

so, you have the hugely science-ejected falsely labeled 'able to survive scientific scrutiny', which is hugely irrational.  AANP's label could be, if it were to be honest about its essential 'nature', "we are irrational."

002.b. CTCA:

002.b1. details naturopathy's essential vitalism:

in this archived page [vsc 2010-09-30] circa 2004.

002.b2. while falsely labeling it science:

as in "scientifically grounded" [vsc 2010-09-30].

002.b3. in terms of irrationalism, ditto, and cancer is a very serious affliction which I'd hope would be approached from rationality instead of naturopathy.  Ironically, Kellman's bio. page at CTCA states:

"he is a good listener, has an investigative and scientific mind, and is compassionate." 

It didn't take me too long just here to scientifically investigate naturopathy's essential premises for the sake of the public good [compassion!].

Interesting that the elephant in the room is so easily missed by NDs, and so well-camouflaged by them in their 'explanations.'
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