Friday, September 3, 2010

PalMD Reposts His 'Death of Vitalism'

here, I cite from Dr. Lipson's "The Death and Rebirth of Vitalism" 2010-09-02 repost at his new blogging location,  It is one of my favorites regarding where medicine stands in terms of this archaic and science-ejected philosophy [that just so happens to be the centerpiece of naturopathy's belief system, no matter how slimily they code it]:

PalMD writes:

"[there's] this fallacy [...] that life must be more than matter [...but] biology has become a science in its own right [...and] all biological processes [...are] contrained by the laws of physics and chemistry [...biology's] important step was the rejection of two erroneous principles: vitalism and teleology [...] more offensive to me is the idea of vitalism [...] that the difference between living and non-living things is some sort of non-material vital force [...] some sort of 'elan vital' that animates living matter [...] the death of vitalism, and the discovery of genetics, allowed biology to grow to a mature scientific discipline [...though] we will always be temped to think vitalistically [...and] all alternative medicine is based on the idea [...e.g.] Chiropractic [...has] vital energy [...] 'energy therapies' [...have] qi [...] homeopathy [...has] vital force [...] if something is immeasurable and un-observable, either directly or indirectly, it then it is not medically relevant [...] why make up a silly, non-reality-based explanation [...that] has become irrelevant [...] vitalism [is] an ancient and discredited philosophy."

Note: hear, hear.
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